4 Benefits of Choosing Same Day Implants

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With same day implants, patients no longer have to wait several months before completing dental implant restoration procedure. The advancements in implant technology have made it possible to complete the procedure in one day if the patient is deemed eligible. According to estimates from the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, 69% of Americans between ages 35 and 44 are missing one tooth, and one in four people over age 74 are missing all their natural teeth.

The benefits of choosing same day implants

Opting for same-day implants enables patients to get new, functional teeth in one appointment. The criteria are to have healthy adequate bone mass and missing teeth. Same-day implants can be done for single, multiple or complete teeth replacement. The following are benefits of same-day implants.

Quicker results

Since the teeth will be replaced almost immediately, treatment time is reduced significantly. Patients are often relieved to know that they can undergo implant surgery and new teeth placement in one day. It removes the awkwardness of living with missing teeth since same day implants skip the uncomfortable, multi-step procedure of allowing the implants to heal before placing the prosthetics.

Patients who want quick results can choose same-day implants. Also, they can get back to their usual routine quickly with natural-looking and fully functional teeth.

A single surgery

The thought of undergoing multiple dental surgeries is not something most people will find exciting. For people who have dental anxiety or a fear of surgeries, this may be the best benefit. The implant, abutment and dental crown are all placed during the surgery. This means patients no longer have to undergo another surgery later to place the abutment, as is the case with regular dental implants.

Preservation of bone structure

Performing implant surgery and placing the tooth replacement immediately reduces the chances of bone or gum resorption. Missing teeth cause the bones and gums to deteriorate. This means that the sooner the implant is placed after extraction, the better. Implants provide the stimulation required to preserve bone density.

Quicker healing time

The typical healing time for same day implants is between six to 12 weeks. The surgery usually takes about two to three hours per dental arch. This is interesting because the process of getting implants can last anywhere between five to eight months. With this procedure, patients can begin their healing and recovery journey almost immediately. Patients should be able to eat and talk normally during the healing process, with little or no disruption to their daily routine.

In conclusion

Same day implants involve the use of advanced technology and techniques to provide patients with an excellent experience throughout the procedure. The dentist will typically supervise tooth extractions, prepare the implant site and protect the new implant restoration throughout the healing period. The treatment ultimately helps limit the effects of losing teeth. If you have questions about same day implants, you can schedule an appointment with the dentist specialist to get the information you need to proceed with treatment.

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