Sedation Dentistry in Auburn, CA

Pier 210 Dental Group understands that many patients may feel uneasy or apprehensive about dental appointments. Whether it's the sound of drills, the prospect of receiving dental treatment, or specific health conditions that make dental appointments challenging, we offer top sedation dentistry options in Auburn, CA, catering to patients from the local community and beyond. Our team of experts will carefully assess your health history to determine the best sedation method for your comfort and your health!

Our Auburn, CA dental practice provides several sedation methods to ensure you receive treatment in a relaxed state:

Ease Your Dental Anxiety in Our Relaxation Room

woman smiling before her dental procedure at Pier 210 Dental GroupFor our patients who experience dental anxiety, Pier 210 Group has designed a relaxation room, complete with the following amenities for your comfort:

  • Two massage heated recliners
  • Your choice of diffused essential oils
  • Ambient spa music
  • Himalayan crystal salt lamp
  • Warm or cool towelettes
  • The choice of coffee and still or sparkling water

With our relaxation room and additional options for sedation dentistry, we create a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral-conscious sedation is a flexible option we offer for those who experience dental anxiety. Depending on the level of anxiety, this method involves a pill taken before the procedure. For a gentler effect, mild sedation might make you slightly sleepy, whereas moderate sedation could let you drift into a tranquil, light sleep during the treatment.

Laughing Gas

Laughing gas, known as nitrous oxide, is another soothing solution typically suitable for younger patients or adults with mild dental anxiety. This sweet-smelling, colorless gas is administered via a comfortable breathing mask. It is a light of sedation, and our proficient dentists regulate the gas flow meticulously to achieve optimal comfort and safety. While under the influence of laughing gas, you remain conscious and communicative, with the ability to comply with your dentist's directions.  

Learn More About Comforting Sedation Dentistry

To discover how our sedation options can transform your anxious dental experience into a positive one, contact us today!  

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