Emergency Dentist Appointments in Auburn, CA

$69 Emergency Special

When you need urgent care for a painful dental emergency, don’t hesitate to call! You’ll receive a limited dental exam and x-ray for just $69.

Uninsured, new patients only. Additional films may be necessary.

At Pier 210 Dental Group in Auburn, CA, our dentists' expertise allows us to safeguard patients' smiles against dental emergencies and urgent oral health concerns. When dental emergencies strike, Dr. David Roholt and his team are prepared to accommodate you with a same-day or next-day appointment for emergency dental services. Contact us by noon Monday through Friday, to schedule your same-day emergency dentist appointment by 5:00 p.m.!

Pier 210 Dental Group uses the latest dental technologies to provide the precise, fast and comfortable urgent care your smile deserves. Our dentists in Auburn, CA treat dental emergencies like:   

Tooth Pain

woman holding her mouth due to tooth painPersistent toothache extending beyond a day requires a dental examination to get to the root of the problem. At Pier 210 Dental Group, we offer comprehensive emergency evaluations that encompass an in-depth consultation with our dental professionals and advanced digital imaging to diagnose the problem quickly and comfortably. 

Knocked-Out or Broken Teeth

Oral injuries resulting in displaced or fractured teeth can pose a risk for more serious infections and compromised overall health. Lost teeth due to injury can affect both the health and appearance of your smile, and should be examined right away. If you've experienced an oral injury leading to tooth loss or damage, contact our emergency dentist as soon as possible! 

Damaged Dental Fillings & Crowns

At Pier 210 Dental Group, our commitment to quality is reflected in our use of superior, modern materials for crafting dental crowns and fillings. However, these dental restorations are not immune to wear or damage. If you find your dental filling or crown compromised, secure an emergency appointment to repair the tooth and prevent further oral health concerns.  

Dental Abscesses

A dental abscess emerging from neglected infections at the gum line requires prompt attention. Our emergency dental examinations include a thorough assessment of abscesses, with treatment options ranging from emergency tooth extractions to root canal procedures, aiming to alleviate pain and prevent further infection.

Schedule Your Urgent Dentist Appointment in Auburn

When you need emergency dentistry from an expert dental team, contact us at Pier 210 Dental Group! Our holistic treatment approach and advanced technologies are designed to provide the highest quality of care with speed and precision.

Contact us to schedule your same-day or next-day emergency dentist appointment!  

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