Category: Implant Supported Dentures

If you are missing teeth, you may assume that your only options are receiving implants or dentures from your dentist.

Implant-supported dentures eliminate many of the issues people who wear conventional dentures complain about like the prosthetic constantly moving in their mouth.

Implant supported dentures are one of the best dental restoration options when most or all of the teeth are missing on a dental arch. Losing multiple teeth can make life more difficult: You cannot smile confidently, you cannot eat whatever you want and you may even have difficulty with speech. Implant supported dentures practically solve...

        People with missing teeth can use implant supported dentures to recover their bright smiles. Nothing helps make a great first impression like a bold and beautiful smile; however, many people who have lost teeth do not feel confident or comfortable enough to show off their smiles. Anyone who wants to restore...

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