Our Dental Technologies in Auburn, CA

Patients at Pier 210 Dental Group often experience digital dentistry, a modern, revolutionary approach to dental treatment that utilizes advanced technology to improve the overall patient experience. Digital dentistry at our Auburn, CA dental office encompasses various aspects of dental care, from diagnosis and treatment planning to manufacturing dental restorations.

Why Digital Dentistry?

glimpse of some of the technology used at Pier 210 Dental Group to improve patient's smilesWith the advancement in digital technology, traditional methods of dental care have been replaced with more efficient and accurate processes.

With the use of top dental technologies and digital dentistry, Pier 210 Dental Group can offer our patients more comfortable, more efficient, and faster treatment experiences. Digital dentistry also promotes better treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction! Our digital dentistry solutions at Pier 210 Dental Group include:

CEREC Same-Day Restorations

One of the most popular digital dentistry solutions at Pier 210 Dental Group is CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics), a computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing system that allows our dentists to create high-quality ceramic restorations in a single appointment! Same-day restorations eliminate the need for follow-up appointments and temporary restorations, saving our patients time and potential discomfort!

At Pier 210 Dental Group, all of our in-house fabricated appliances are bio-compatible and free of metal.

3D Printing

Pier 210 Dental Group offers 3D printers that can create highly precise three-dimensional models of teeth and gums, which can then be used to custom-design and craft our patients' unique dental restorations including same-day crowns, dental bridges, dentures, and even bruxism nightguards. Modern printing means we won't need traditional methods that involve messy impressions, resulting in more accurate and comfortable dental fittings for patients.

3D Dentures

With both 3D printing and CADCAM milling, we can fabricate cost effective temporary dentures and beautiful complete dentures. Our dentists can even save your existing dentures digitally so if you ever need a replacement, we can duplicate them in just a day or two!

Printed Night Guards

one of the dental chairs with tools at Pier 210 Dental GroupAt Pier 210 Dental Group, our 3D printing technology allows us to fabricate customized night guards overnight. Our custom-designed night guards can help with bruxism (teeth grinding), TMJ clicking, jaw pain, and even sleep apnea and snoring!

Treatment for Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Our customized snore guards and night guards are custom-designed to significantly reduce both snoring and sleep apnea. These devices, in conjunction with Laser Therapy (NightLase therapy using the Fotona Laser) can even reduce or eliminate the need for surgery, implanted devices and even CPAP machines for some patients.

iTero Orthodontic Simulation

Our iTero scanner and Invisalign program allow us to show you what your orthodontic treatment results in just minutes! If you love what you see, we will move forward by designing your Invisalign case based on the simulation. We can even send the results to you by email to share with your family before starting treatment.

3D Milling Machine

Our state-of-the-art 3D Milling machines allow us to create custom-made CadCam dentures with precision and accuracy. These digital dentures are designed using computer-aided design (CAD) software and then milled from a single block of material, eliminating the need for manual labor and potential human error. This results in a better fit and a more natural-looking smile.

Digital Smile Design

Dr. Marr reviewing a patient's x-raysOne of the most transformative aspects of digital dentistry is the Digital Smile Design. This technique allows dentists to provide a virtual preview of the final results, enabling patients to visualize their new smile before any treatment begins. This can greatly increase patient confidence and satisfaction, making dental care a more positive and engaging experience.

This cutting-edge software allows us to create a virtual mock-up of your smile, using 3D imaging and facial analysis to design the perfect smile for you. This technology takes into account not just your teeth, but also your facial features and proportions, resulting in a personalized and natural-looking smile that is unique to you.

Experience Digital Dentistry in Auburn, CA

With digital dentistry, our patients can preview the results of their treatment, receive same-day dental restorations, and receive more comfortable, precise treatment — among many other benefits! Digital dentistry also means you'll receive your treatment faster at Pier 210 Dental Group. To experience the difference top dental technologies can provide, contact us today to schedule your next visit!

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