3 Reasons To Consider a Smile Makeover

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There is no reason to hide your smile when the solution is in the form of a creative smile makeover provided by cosmetic dentists. This procedure removes discomfort, anxiety and stress about smiling during interactions with others and enables enjoyment of a new smile that is confident and stunning. There is no shortage of reasons for people to consider this type of dental work.

Common reasons people undergo a smile makeover

A common misconception is that this type of cosmetic dentistry is only for people who must fix an unsightly dental problem. While this procedure can be performed for people who have dental issues, it also provides satisfaction for those who simply want an improved smile. That said, there are three key reasons most everyone should consider a smile makeover.

1. Enhance physical appearance

Some people may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed by crooked, missing or discolored teeth or perhaps uneven gaps between the teeth. This can lead to low self-esteem and a lack of confidence, as well as problems with feeling unattractive to others. A makeover can help persons deal with these issues by creating a smile that the individual loves and shares confidently.

The procedure could be as simple as tooth whitening, or it could be more involved with a bonding process or even tooth implants. No matter what the reason for having this procedure carried out, a smile makeover has the ability to enhance a person’s overall appearance.

2. Decrease the risk of dental and health concerns

Anyone who has crooked or overcrowded teeth may think it is only an aesthetic concern, but this condition can lead to improper oral hygiene maintenance. In turn, plaque and tartar start to build up along the gum line. This often results in teeth pulling away from the gums and loosening. Meanwhile, the gums become swollen, inflamed, sore and bleeding from the bacteria buildup. In the advanced stages, this gum disease may even cause teeth to fall out.

If gum disease reaches a critical point, other health conditions may develop. People become more susceptible to somatic health concerns such as heart disease and diabetes. Smile makeovers, however, often encourage individuals to pursue better oral hygiene habits, reduce the risk of gum disease and improve overall health.

3. Improve tooth wear

Lastly, a smile makeover can actually help teeth to wear evenly. Crooked teeth, uneven bites and improperly placed caps or crowns can all be contributing factors to uneven tooth wear, which means some teeth can wear down and erode while other teeth remain completely fine. Decay is often a side effect of uneven teeth, but the problem can also result in teeth wearing down right to the stump and causing pain in the whole mouth. A makeover can fix uneven wear by determining the cause and finding a solution.


Everyone wants a smile that lights up a room and brightens the day. People have various reasons for pursuing a smile makeover, including the correction of dental issues, improvement of appearance and advancement of healthier teeth. No matter what the reason, anyone can achieve a brilliant smile with the help of a cosmetic dentist.

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