3 Tips for Maintaining Implant Dentures

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Implant dentures are one of the most preferred dental restorations in dentistry. They combine the effectiveness of dental implants and dentures to provide patients with a solution that is far more beneficial than traditional dentures and more affordable than replacing every lost tooth with a single implant crown.

How implant dentures work

To get this restoration, the implant specialist will insert four to six implants into the patient’s jawbone. Over the next six months, the implants will fuse with the surrounding bone tissue in a process known as osseointegration. After this, the dentist will place attachments that will be used to hold the dentures in position.

For anyone who has ever used conventional dentures, implant dentures are beneficial because they do not slip out of place. Also, implants inside the jawbone help preserve the bone’s structure by providing adequate stimulation.

Tips for caring for implant dentures

The following are tips for caring for implant dentures and for getting the most from the dental restorations.

Clean them regularly

Just as for natural teeth, wearers need to clean their implant dentures every day. For removable prosthetics, the dentures should be taken off the attachments for thorough cleaning. Patients need to brush the prosthesis and framework gently. Fixed implant dentures can be brushed like natural teeth. Patients wearing removable dentures need to avoid sleeping with the dentures to avoid complications such as infections.

Be careful with the dentures

The artificial crowns that are fabricated with the implant dentures are quite fragile and may break if the dentures are dropped. Patients need to be careful when taking out the dentures and be sure to place a towel under the denture when cleaning it. Breaking the denture may incur extra charges for repair or replacement.

Visit the dentist regularly for evaluation

The most effective way to preserve the integrity of implant dentures is to visit the dentist regularly. The dental professional will visually check the attachment and denture to be sure everything is in order. They may perform additional X-ray scans to know if there is an issue with the abutment or implants. The attachment used to hold the implant dentures usually wears out in about two years, which means regular appointments with the dentist are necessary.

Why maintenance is important

By properly maintaining the dentures, patients can expect the restoration to last for many years. Implant dentures are more comfortable than conventional dentures because the prosthesis is securely locked to implants. Patients can also speak confidently and enjoy their favorite meals.

The dentist will advise the patient to reduce eating sticky foods if possible because they commonly cause problems for denture wearers. Biting on hard foods can also break or damage the restoration.

Final note

An implant denture is an excellent choice for anyone missing most or all their natural teeth. They help preserve bone tissues and minimize the slipping and soreness common with regular dentures. It is also much cheaper than restoring every lost tooth with dental implants. Contact the dental implant specialist to learn more about this option.

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