3 Tips for Recovery from the All-on-4® Procedure

All-on-4 Auburn, CA

Used as an alternative to dentures, the All-on-4® procedure provides patients with a set of prosthetic teeth that are fixed to the gums using four strategically placed implants. Following this surgery, following the guidelines for recovery are essential for promoting proper healing of the site.

3 Tips for Recovery

As can be expected after any major oral surgery, a time of healing is necessary following the All-on-4® procedure. Follow these three tips to ensure optimal recovery.

1. Avoid activities that can disturb the site

While recuperating, patients should be aware that there are several restrictions that should be adhered to in order to avoid pulling out the sutures or prolonging the healing process:

  • Avoid heavy activity: During the few days following surgery, getting plenty of rest is necessary to get bleeding and swelling under control. All strenuous exercise should be avoided for at least a week, and care should be taken when bending over to pick up items or transitioning from a lying to a standing position.
  • Refrain from prodding the site: Touching the surgical site can disturb the incisions and lead to complications that may require further dental care. Patients should also abstain from pulling too hard on the outside of the cheeks or lips.
  • Cease smoking: Smoking and using tobacco products following oral surgery can have a very detrimental effect on the recovery process. While the chance of implant failure is low for non-smokers, there is a much higher chance that the new implant cannot successfully integrate with the jawbone if a patient continues to smoke following the procedure.
  • Eat a soft diet: Immediately following All-on-4® surgery, patients should avoid any foods that are uncomfortable on the mouth or tongue and only consume liquid or pureed foods. It is then often recommended to stick to a soft diet for at least three months.

2. Practice good oral health habits

Even though All-on-4® provides patients with a full set of prosthetic teeth, the surrounding gums are still susceptible to disease. For the first day after surgery, a gentle saltwater rinse or medical rinse a couple of times a day is acceptable if experiencing only light bleeding. Proceed with gentle brushing using a soft or baby toothbrush, and refrain from flossing for at least two weeks.

3. Notify the dentist if any major problems occur

Experiencing some soreness and discomfort following the procedure is normal and can often be managed using prescribed medication. Swelling, bruising and bleeding are also to be expected, and patients can use gauze to promote clotting and apply ice to outside of the cheeks. However, if there are any signs of infection or the implants start to feel loose or severely painful, the dentist needs to be contacted immediately.


Always follow any instructions provided by the dentist for how to care for the site after the All-on-4® surgery. While it may be frustrating to manage pain and refrain from your favorite activities and food for a short period, being able to enjoy your new set of teeth will make it all worth it in the end.

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