4 Questions to Ask an Implant Specialist

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If you have heard that a dental implant is considered to be the best tooth restoration, you need to see an implant specialist. For a positive experience, patients need to learn about the procedure and the implant specialist so they can be adequately prepared. If you have an upcoming appointment with an implant specialist, you should remember to ask the questions listed in this article.

Questions to ask the implant specialist

The following are questions that patients can ask an implant specialist to ensure they get the best treatment results and high-quality care:

What training do they have for dental implants?

It may seem surprising, but the training that certain dentists have nowadays for implants is only a two-day workshop on placing dental implants, where they practice on plastic models and get surgical dental implant starter kits. This means that some dentists with little or no training are performing dental implant surgeries on unsuspecting patients. Patients always need to remember to ask this question to make sure that the dentist has the required training, credentials and experience.

Is the implant specialist board certified?

Legally, any dentist can place dental implants. A board-certified implant specialist must spend three to four years after dental school receiving proper training on placing implants. Dental specialty boards demand high standards of training and skillsets to grant a dentist certification. Dentists who successfully pass the rigorous board examination get an extra certificate for their specialty.

Does the dentist offer a comprehensive initial exam?

A qualified implant specialist will examine the patient’s oral cavity and perform tests and scans to ensure the long-term success of the dental implants. A typical initial examination includes the following:

  • Gum health evaluation
  • Oral cancer screening
  • A detailed bite evaluation (covering tooth wear, bite function and patterns of looseness)
  • TMJ functions
  • Assessment of the size, shape and density of the jawbone around the proposed implantation site

Does the dentist use the latest technologies?

Advanced technology and techniques help ensure faster, more effective and more accurate diagnosis and treatment. The dentist must also stay up to date with the latest developments. A few of the technologies and treatments that a dentist may use to ensure a successful procedure include:

  • Digital X-rays, for faster, safer and predictable surgeries
  • CT scans and 3D tech, to obtain a 3-dimensional digital image of the jawbone to plan and perform successful dental implant surgery
  • Quality implants, as they have a proven track record with a higher rate of success and predictability
  • Growth factors, to encourage speedy and quality healing
  • Platelet-rich plasma, to boost better and quicker healing after implant surgery

Final note

Patients need to exercise caution when choosing an implant specialist. The choice they make can have a long-term effect on their oral health. If the dental implant surgery goes wrong, it could cause severe complications, leading to additional costs that may have been avoided by consulting a good implant dentist. By asking the right questions, you are most likely to obtain positive results from the procedure for a lifetime of healthy teeth.

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