5 Most Harmful Things for Your Teeth





People use their teeth for all sorts of wild and crazy purposes from opening bottles and packages to chewing ice and so on.  Some people drink copious amounts of soda even though they know such drinks constitute direct attacks on the teeth. Some things are simply not meant to come into contact with the pearly whites.

Here is a look at some of the most harmful things for your teeth.

Chewing on Ice is Terrible for Your Teeth!

If you have gotten into the habit of chewing ice, it is time to stop.  Ice is awfully tempting, especially on a blazing hot summer day. After all, ice is cool, void of sugar and completely natural.  However, ice poses quite the threat to the teeth.

Do not give into the temptation to chew on those ice cubes once you finish your drink.  If you continue to chew on ice cubes, they will damage your teeth to the point that they crack or chip.

Soda is Just About the Worst Thing for Your Teeth

Dentists detest soda with a passion for good reason.  Soda is loaded with citric acids and phosphoric acids that gradually damage tooth enamel.   It is quite shocking to learn soda has upwards of 11 teaspoons worth of sugar in each serving.  While diet soft drinks reduce the sugar, they are chock full of acid that wears away at the teeth.

The acid is present in the form of artificial sweeteners.  If you have a hankering for soda, drink it with a straw so it does not contact your teeth.

Crackers and Potato Chips

Potato chips and crackers are scrumptious yet their particles will remain behind in your mouth.  Potato chips and crackers can lodge between the teeth and gums, where they generate bacteria that produce acid and attacks the teeth.  These snacks dramatically heighten the chances of tooth decay.

The risk of snacks damaging teeth continues to increase if the patient does not clean the teeth in a reasonable amount of time after consuming the snacks. The fact that the typical person eats at least a dozen potato chips and several crackers in a sitting only continue to amplify the fact.

Cough Medicine

Cough medicines and cough drops are loaded with sugar.  Unfortunately, most people take cough medicine and/or a cough drop prior to turning in for the evening.  If people take cough medicine before 8-10 hours of sleep, there is a good chance it will lead to tooth erosion as well as considerable decay.

Sports Drinks

Just about everyone loves sports drinks, especially after a workout yet these tasty beverages are bad for the teeth.  Sports drinks contain a ton of sugar and acid that eat away at your pearly whites. In fact, some sports drinks are more acidic than soda.  You are not doing your tooth enamel any favors by downing either of these drinks. Making matters worse is the fact that the average person savors sports drinks rather than chugging them, so the liquid is provided with that more time to attack the teeth.


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