5 Reasons You Should Choose Implant Supported Dentures

 Implant Supported Dentures Auburn, CA

More people are choosing implant supported dentures over their traditional counterparts. Unlike regular dentures that are held in place with adhesives and suction, implant supported dentures stay firmly in position via implants inserted into the jaws. This means implant dentures give a more secure and comfortable fitting, which is a huge advantage, considering that the fit is one of the biggest complaints of people who wear regular dentures. If you are still deliberating over implant supported dentures, this article will give you more information about them so you can make a choice.

Reasons to choose implant supported dentures

The following are reasons many patients are turning to implant dentures to restore missing teeth.

Offer better stability

It can be awkward, if not embarrassing, for dentures to fall out in the middle of a conversation or meal. This is a problem that people who wear traditional dentures constantly have to deal with. Implant supported dentures are stable and more reliable. They appear, feel and function like natural teeth, so people will not be able to tell that the person is wearing a dental prosthetic.

Increase confidence

Since patients no longer have to worry about their dentures falling out or slipping, they can get a significant boost in confidence, especially when in social settings. Implant supported dentures allow its wearer to smile and talk confidently without speech impairment. The final restoration is also cosmetically appealing.

Provide an opportunity to eat favorite meals

Patients with traditional dentures have to avoid certain foods due to inconvenience. For instance, it is hard to eat apples with regular dentures. Other delights such as corn and steaks are also "off the table" when wearing traditional dentures. With the firm and secure fitting provided by implant supported dentures, patients will have the full biting force of natural teeth. They will be able to eat whatever meal they want without worrying that the denture will break or slip out of place.

Do away with messy denture adhesives

Patients often have to use adhesives to get a better and more secure fitting when wearing regular dentures. Many of these adhesives are not exactly effective and usually have an unpleasant taste that tends to linger throughout the day. Implant supported dentures are almost as secure as natural teeth and need no adhesive. They will also cut down on the cost of adhesives.

Stop bone loss

Traditional dentures sit on the gums and over time, can cause gum recession and gradual bone resorption. This is a major advantage of choosing implant supported dentures. The implants fuse with the jawbone to mimic the functions of the teeth’s natural roots. They provide the stimulation required to keep the jawbone healthy and preserve its volume.

Final note

Implant supported dentures remain one the most reliable and effective dental restorations if you have lost most or all of your teeth. They are highly durable and do not slip awkwardly when eating or talking. To learn more and get started with the procedure, contact the dental office to book an appointment.

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