5 Tips for Taking Care of Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are meant to fill a gap left by several missing teeth. They are held in place by the teeth that flank the gap. Most people prefer removable partial dentures. This type of denture comes with metal or plastic clasps that grip the teeth on either side of the gap.

Compared to fixed teeth replacements like bridges, partial dentures are easy to clean. That said, a bridge or fixed partial denture offers more stability as a person talks or chews. Still, there are many advantages to having removable partial dentures.

How partial dentures work

Partial dentures are usually made of an acrylic base that is made with the unique shape and color of a person’s gum. Attached to this base are several teeth made of ceramic, acrylic or some other material. Partial dentures are made to fit precisely with a person’s gums and teeth. This means that a dentist starts the process by taking an impression or oral scan of the patient’s teeth. They use the model of the patient’s teeth and mouth to design the prosthetic. The dentist or prosthodontist then sends the design to a dental lab, where the dentures are fabricated.

Once the prosthodontist receives the fabricated dentures, they ask their patient to come in for a fitting. During the fitting, the patient can ask the dentist to adjust the dentures to make them more comfortable. The prosthodontist will also advise the patient on what to expect from wearing partial dentures. They will give the patient tips on how to care for their dentures.

How to take care of partial dentures

Partial dentures only work well if they are kept in good condition, which is an easy thing to do. All a person needs to remember is:

1. Clean the partial dentures at least twice a day

A person should extend their oral hygiene to their artificial teeth. They should clean their natural teeth and their dentures two times a day. If possible, the person should clean their dentures after every meal.

Dentures can be cleaned by:

  • Brushing them with a denture brush with soft bristles, not the kind that is used on natural teeth
  • Cleaning them with a denture cleaning solution prescribed by the prosthodontist
  • Cleaning them with mild cleaning products like dishwashing fluid

The wearer should remember to clean each and every part of their dentures. They should also pay special attention to the gums and the teeth that hold the dentures.

2. Take care not to drop the dentures

Dentures can break easily, so a person should clean them over a bowl of water or a towel when cleaning them. These measures create a soft landing for the dentures in case they fall.

3. Never wear the dentures to sleep

Dentures need time off from their daily grind. A person’s mouth also needs a break from the dentures. That is why the wearer should take their dentures off before they go to bed. After they clean their dentures, they should leave them to soak for the night.

4. Soak the dentures overnight

Partial dentures should be soaked in cold water or a prescribed denture cleaning solution. The nightly soak keeps the dentures from warping, which helps them to retain their shape.

5. Do not hesitate to go to the dentist

Sometimes, dentures break. Other times, they simply stop fitting as snugly as they used to. The solution to these issues is not home repair. A person who experiences problems with their dentures should visit their prosthodontist to have their dentures corrected.

Partial dentures are a great way to get your old smile back

There is no need to go through life with gaps in your smile. So visit our offices and our prosthodontist will take good care of you. In no time at all, you will have your old smile back.

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