All-on-4® for Bottom Full Arch Teeth Replacement

All On 4 Auburn, CA

When you live with missing teeth, your confidence may suffer, but All-on-4®. Your jawbone is more likely to deteriorate when you are missing teeth, and this is likely to alter your appearance in a way that will further deteriorate your self-confidence. In addition, you can no longer eat the foods you used to enjoy, and while you could get dentures, your jawbone would still deteriorate, and there would be several foods that you still could not eat.

When the tooth and root are damaged, or the entire tooth is missing, a good option for permanent replacement is a dental implant with a ceramic crown. You could consider a bottom full-arch teeth replacement because it will look and feel like your own natural teeth and be healthy for your jawline as well. This way, you will feel like smiling again and showing off your beautiful teeth.

The All-on-4 procedure

The procedure usually uses a scalpel to create and peel back two gum flaps to expose the underlying jawbone. In some cases, the jawbone is accessed through a small circular incision instead of raising tissue flaps. Next, a hole is drilled into the jawbone to make room for the implant, and then the implant is inserted.

Next, it may be possible for temporary teeth to be worn over the implant sites. When this is not possible, a temporary healing cap will be screwed into the top of each implant to seal off the interior of the implant from any of the surrounding oral environment. The two flaps of gum tissue would then be trimmed, shaped, and repositioned over the jawbone and around the implant. A few sutures will be placed to hold the gum tissue in place to end the procedure.

The gums surrounding the implants are often allowed to heal and bond to the implants for two to six months before the teeth are attached. Then it is time to uncover the implants, remove the temporary teeth or healing caps and attach the abutments. Next full bridges or full dentures created to replace your natural teeth will be attached to the abutments.

The benefits of All-on-4 implants

In addition to looking and functioning just like natural teeth, these implants are long-lasting, and if you take care of them, they will last you a lifetime. You will bite and chew more naturally and enjoy foods that you couldn't with regular dentures.

Implants will also help maintain jaw density because as you chew with them, they put pressure on your jawbone that causes it to regenerate and strengthen itself. Your new teeth will be much easier to care for than dentures because you will not have to remove them for cleaning. You will need to simply brush and floss them the way you would natural teeth because they stay in your mouth and allow you to get on with your life feeling fully restored.

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