Category: Dental Restorations

Dental crowns are a key component of restorative dentistry for those in need of a stronger, long-lasting solution to tooth damage or decay. Crowns are used to cover the surface of a damaged tooth or even replace missing teeth when used in conjunction with a dental implant. Dental crowns protect and restore teeth, and they're...

For a dental restoration like a filling or crown, different materials are available, including composite resin, amalgam, and ceramic.

For a damaged tooth, you need a dental restorations procedure you can count on to restore your smile.

Learn about a common type of dental restoration in this fact-filled article explaining the purpose and basic process for placing dental fillings. #DentalRestoration

One of the concerns patients often have about implant restorations is if they will have the same feel and appearance as natural teeth. Dental implants are created to feel like a real tooth. A single tooth implant supports a dental crown, which blends in with the rest of the teeth. What are dental implants? To...

        The average human tooth is incredibly strong. Take care of your teeth and they just might last your entire life. Even though teeth are quite durable, they are still prone to breaks, cracks and chips. All sorts of forces can compromise teeth.  Examples of such forces include mistakenly biting on something...

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