Your Dental Practice Explains the Causes of Stained Teeth

Your Dental Practice Explains the Causes of Stained Teeth from Pier 210 Dental Group in Auburn, CAIf you have stained teeth, you need to know that a dental practice can often help. While everyone would love to have white teeth like Hollywood celebrities, that is just not realistic. After all, these individuals have the means to get implants and veneers, while most people do not. Keep reading to find out more about the causes of stained teeth.

Prevention is the key

For all things relating to oral care, prevention is the key to success. For example, brushing and flossing after every meal can prevent cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. The same rule applies when it comes to stained teeth. Knowing about the common things that discolor teeth allows people to make necessary changes.

Insight from a dental practice

A person should have their teeth checked every six months. That allows a dentist to identify a potential issue. So, if someone’s teeth begin to look dull and yellow, the dental practice can offer guidance on what the individual can do to correct the problem. This is just one of the many reasons why regular cleanings and checkups are essential.

What causes teeth to stain?

Certain things an individual eats and drinks can cause stains. These include coffee, red wine, dark-colored sodas, tea, and certain fruits like raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. Even some dark-pigmented veggies cause discoloration. Tobacco use, whether smoking cigarettes, cigars, or a pipe, or chewing tobacco, is another reason why teeth stain.

A dental practice also explains that some types of trauma and disease can discolor teeth. Typically, anything that damages the protective enamel layer can let other things penetrate the teeth. This leads to discoloration. Even improper or inadequate brushing and flossing can lead to stained teeth. Some medical treatments are also an issue. For instance, chemotherapy, high blood pressure medication, and antihistamines are all culprits.

How to prevent stained teeth according to a dental practice

The easiest solution is to eliminate anything that can discolor teeth. But, that is not always possible. If someone uses tobacco products, they should quit. The same goes for eating and drinking foods and beverages like those mentioned. However, getting someone who drinks coffee, tea, or soda to quit is easier said than done. For those individuals, sipping through a straw can help as it directs the liquid away from the teeth.

As for the things an individual cannot control, a dental practice can offer some solutions. If someone knows they have to do chemotherapy or take medication known to stain teeth, they could have a dentist apply a sealant first. Once a stain sets in, there is a chance that teeth whitening would return the color to normal. Speaking with a dentist is always the way to go.

Enjoying a nice smile

As shown, you can control some things known for staining teeth. For the things you have no control over, talk to your dentist at a dental practice about taking preventative steps from a treatment standpoint. If nothing else, you might make a good candidate for teeth whitening. Most importantly, maintain a good oral hygiene regimen and see your dentist every six months.

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