Consider a Dental Implant to Replace a Missing Tooth

Options For Replacing Missing Teeth Auburn, CA

A missing tooth may not look complicated at first. But over time, it will give way to a series of events resulting in more tooth loss. Removable teeth-replacement systems are unstable. Having implants can give you stability and security. If you want to get a dental implant to replace your missing tooth, here are the details.

Functions and looks like a natural tooth

Losing a natural tooth is like losing an important helper. A tooth has nerves and blood vessels. It has a stable anchor to the jawbone in the form of dental roots. This strong foundation gives a strong bite and thorough chew. A missing tooth will impact the way a person eats and speaks.

Getting a dental implant can bring a strong alternative for the missing tooth. The titanium rod and dental crown will function as a tooth system. The dental implant will help the neighboring teeth bite and chew like a natural tooth. It can also look like a natural tooth. This restoration can blend well with neighboring natural teeth.

Prevents jawbone loss

Bone loss is a common consequence of having a missing tooth. An alveolar bone surrounds the tooth. It maintains its density and form from regular dental stimulation. Losing a tooth will remove this stimulation. The jawbone stops rebuilding and repairing. This results in a weaker and thinner jawbone.

Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant can stimulate the alveolar bone. This will trigger this bone to grow like natural teeth. Proper jawbone growth can improve the support for the neighboring teeth. It can also improve facial structures.

Lasts long

A dental implant is an investment. It is capable of supporting dental health for decades with proper care and maintenance. Regular checkups will make sure the surrounding tissue and neighboring teeth do not develop infections. Proper daily oral care can remove plaque and food particles around the implant.

Does not damage neighboring teeth

Other dental restorations often depend on neighboring healthy teeth to achieve stability and support. A dental bridge will need dental crowns on each side of the gap for support. The dentist will need to file down some of the healthy dental structures from these teeth. This will make the crowns fit better.

Removable dentures have metal clasps. These often abrade the neighboring teeth. This type of tooth replacement system damages the enamel. It leaves the tooth vulnerable to bacterial infection.

A dental implant will not damage the neighboring teeth. The dentist will focus on the dental spaces. Each titanium rod will stand alone. It is strong enough to provide sufficient support for the dental crown. The neighboring teeth will not support the rods in any way.

Your missing tooth will get a proper replacement in the form of a dental implant

Tooth loss can be devastating if a good dental replacement does not fill the space right away. Removable tooth replacements can take the place of the missing tooth, but they are unstable. A dental implant is the gold standard of tooth replacements. Seeing your dentist can determine if you are a good candidate for this dental restoration.

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