Dental Implant Surgery FAQs

If you have missing teeth, you might consider getting dental implant surgery. The implant is not a tooth, but it is a post that goes into the jawbone. It can replace the root of the missing tooth, and the crown can go over it. Keep reading if you want to learn more about dental implant surgery.

What are dental implants?

The dental implant allows one tooth or a set of teeth to go on top of it. Once the implant has become integrated into the bone, the dentist will place an abutment over the implant. Then the patient can have the tooth or teeth attached to that. The dental implant has three parts to it, including the abutment, implants, and tooth.

Who can get the implants?

The right candidate for dental implant surgery has one or more missing teeth and has sufficient bone structure. The patient can learn more by talking to the dentist about the options. If the patient does not have enough bone in the area, it is possible to get a bone graft first. That way, the implant can get supported.

Are there advantages of the implants?

Humans have multiple sets of teeth, like permanent teeth and baby teeth. If the patient loses one or more teeth because of gum disease, implants can act as the third set of teeth. Implants can last the rest of the patient’s lifetime with the right care. These might improve the patient’s appearance and boost their self-esteem. The patient can then eat more enjoyable foods, and it is possible to be active. The patient does not need to worry about decay, although preventing gum disease is still essential.

Are implants relatively successful?

The success rate of the implants can vary depending on the patient and the habits of that patient. However, if the patient is healthy and keeps the mouth clean, the implants have a high success rate. Unlike natural teeth, the crown on an implant will not have dental diseases. However, it is still essential to keep the gums healthy to avoid implant failure later on.

Patients will need to care for and floss the teeth regularly. Then the patient will need to visit the dentist regularly to have cleanings and checkups. Every patient has a different body, and the success rate will depend on the patient’s medical history and other factors. The dentist can give the patient more information on how to care for the implants correctly. That way, the patient can have them last a lifetime without requiring replacement.

Choose the right dental implant surgery today

If you have missing teeth, you might be considering getting dental implants. In that case, your dentist can help you make the right choice. The dentist can help you decide if you are the right candidate to have your teeth replaced in this manner. If you are, you can enjoy a better smile. Making an appointment today is the first step in getting a beautiful smile.

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