Do I Eat With My Invisalign® In?

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One of the best perks that come with straightening teeth with Invisalign® is being able to eat whatever and whenever. Clear aligners are removable devices, so patients can simply take them out before meals in order to eat normally.

People who wear metal braces often find themselves avoiding foods like steak, apples, pizza or popcorn since these foods can damage the wires or get lodged underneath them. Eating these foods while wearing braces typically forces them to spend the next 20 minutes or so after their meal picking food particles out of the wires and brackets of their braces.

Eating with Invisalign® clear aligners

Here are some important facts patients should be aware of when it comes to eating with clear aligners:

1. Reduce coffee consumption

Some people need one or two cups of java to get them started with their day. Others seep on coffee all day to give them an energy boost. The thing is, dentists, recommend taking out Invisalign® aligners when drinking anything that is not water. Dentists also recommend wearing clear aligners for at least 20 hours each day, which creates a conflict.

People getting Invisalign® treatment will have to find a way to get all their coffee drinking into the four-hour window they do not wear their aligners each day. Drinking coffee with clear aligners will lead to stains and discoloration, making it easier to spot the aligner.

2. Schedule meals appropriately

Patients should plan their meals so they all fit into the four-hour window they have each day without their clear aligners. Dentists recommend using an app to track how long the aligners are being worn each day.

3. Snacks need to be minimized

It is going to be extremely difficult to fit three meals, coffee time, oral hygiene and snacking multiple times a day into the four-hour window the patient spends each day not wearing their clear aligners. General dentists recommend minimizing snacking throughout the day to ensure that Invisalign has a chance to do its job.

4. No more chewing gum

Patients who love chewing gum might have to give up their habit during Invisalign treatment. Clear aligners can be damaged by constant chewing since it forces the aligners to rub against each other and the wearer's teeth.

5. No eating with clear aligners

Eating requires chewing which leads to significant bite forces being applied to teeth and the food being ground. These forces are more than enough to lead to clear aligners cracking or breaking. Eating with clear aligners can also lead to the formation of stains on the patient's teeth.

6. Brush before wearing clear aligners

Brushing teeth after meals before reinserting clear aligners will prevent tooth decay. Invisalign aligners keep saliva from cleaning the teeth, which is why regular brushing is required.

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