Everything You Need to Know About Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are obviously never planned, and they often happen at the most inopportune times. Maybe you were chewing on hard candy and suddenly felt a sharp pain shoot up from one of your teeth, or perhaps you woke up with a swollen jaw and couldn't figure out why. Whatever the case may be, a dental emergency in Sacramento, or any location for that matter, is a serious matter that should always be addressed as quickly as possible. 

If you are in Sacramento or the surrounding area, look no further than Pier 210 Dental. 

Our emergency dentist wants to help you be prepared for any dental emergency you may face. Read on to learn how to locate an emergency dentist, pediatric, or general practice, what to do in case of acute pain, swelling, or tenderness, and how to do everything in your power to prevent dental emergencies from happening in the first place.


Locating an Emergency Dentist in Your Area

If you're experiencing a dental emergency, the first thing you should focus on is finding an emergency dentist, pediatric or general practice depending on age. If you’re searching outside of the Greater Sacramento Area, we advise you do a simple online search for a “dental emergency clinic near me,” a “dental emergency walk-in near me,” or an “emergency dentist office near me.” At Pier 210 Dental Group, there is always a dentist on call because we know that emergencies can happen at any time of the day or night, even on holidays and weekends. It's important to note that not all dental offices offer emergency services, but at Pier 210 Dental, we welcome both existing and new patients who are in need. Even if we are not your primary dental office, we would be happy to assist you in the case of an emergency.


Dealing with Pain, Swelling, and Tenderness

If you're experiencing pain, swelling, or tenderness in your teeth, gums, or jaw, it's important to act quickly. Pain and swelling can indicate an infection or even an abscess, which can lead to serious complications if left untreated. While on your way to the emergency dental office, you can use over-the-counter pain relievers and/or apply a cold compress to the affected area to reduce pain and swelling. Avoid biting down on the affected tooth or area, and of course avoid foods that are hard, crunchy, sticky, or very hot or cold.


Lockjaw or Jaw Pain

If you are experiencing lockjaw or jaw pain, it could be a sign of what is called a temporomandibular joint (commonly known as TMJ) disorder. TMJ disorders are often caused by grinding or clenching your teeth or by an actual injury to the jaw joint. If your jaw is locked in place and you're unable to move it, it is important to seek immediate medical attention. If your jaw is simply sore or painful, you can apply a warm compress to the affected area and avoid chewing gum or eating hard or chewy foods.


Preventing Dental Emergencies

While not all dental emergencies can be prevented, there are certain steps you can take to reduce your risk. First and foremost, maintain good oral hygiene habits, including brushing and flossing regularly and visiting your dentist for semi-annual check-ups and cleanings. Avoid chewing on hard objects like ice or popcorn kernels, and always be sure to wear a mouthguard if you play contact sports. If you grind or clench your teeth at night, ask your dentist about getting a custom mouth guard to protect your teeth. If you already wear a retainer at night, a custom bite guard retainer can be made to prevent grinding while keeping your teeth straight at the same time.


Call Us At Pier 210 Dental for your Dental Emergency Sacramento Needs

We understand that dental emergencies can be scary and painful, but knowing what to do in case of an emergency can help alleviate some of the stress. Remember, at Pier 210 Dental Group, we welcome emergency patients whether you are a regular client of our dental practice or a new patient. It is never a good idea to wait to seek treatment if you are experiencing pain, swelling, or tenderness. By taking steps to prevent dental emergencies, you can help ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy and pain-free. Call us at (530) 885-5696 any time, day or night, and our on-call dentist will be able to assist you.

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