Frequently Asked Questions About Same Day Implants

Same Day Implants Auburn, CA

Same day implants are becoming increasingly popular, especially among people who do not want to wait for several months before getting a dental implant restoration. These implants will be loaded immediately, with new prosthetic teeth to handle minor chewing.

Same Day Implants FAQs

The following are answers to frequently asked questions about same day implants.

How do same day implants work?

Dental implants remain the most advanced and reliable way to replace lost teeth. The implant is inserted into the jaw to hold a new dental restoration, which means the implants must be stable. To allow fusion of the implant with the jawbone, osseointegration must happen without the slightest disruption of the dental implant. Therefore, the dentist will place the new crown or denture in a way to avoid masticatory forces for several weeks until the jawbone heals. The technique used for inserting the implants may allow patients to still perform minor chewing.

Who is eligible for same day implants?

Usually, the ideal candidate is any healthy patient with good bone volume and without gum disease or infection or smoking habits. If the patient has an infection, the dentist will treat that before commencing the dental implant procedure. The initial evaluation is important so the dentist can decide if the patient can get same day implants.

Why are the advantages of same day implants?

The usual practice is to wait for three to six months after a tooth extraction before getting implants. After placing the implants, patients have to wait for a few months for osseointegration before getting the dental restoration. For some people, this treatment period is unacceptably long. Also, bone resorption and gum recession may occur if the implants are not placed soon after tooth loss. The result of same day dental implant placement is not different than conventional implant restoration.

By inserting the dental implant and placing the restoration immediately, dentists can preserve the aesthetics of the surrounding tissues. It also ensures full preservation of the gums and jawbone. With same day implants, patients will not have to go another day with a gap in their smile.

What is the success rate of same day implants?

Loading implants right away does not affect their success rate negatively, especially if the dentist ascertains the patient’s eligibility before the dental implant surgery. Implant failure is often attributed to periodontal disease, poor oral hygiene or systemic disease. Yet, all dental surgeries are prone to complications, regardless of the techniques used, so it is important to talk with a dentist about any concerns before the surgery.

How many appointments are required?

The major aspect of the surgery is tooth extraction. Implant surgery is relatively easier if the implants are placed soon after removal. In most situations, the implant is stable enough and can get a custom-made dental restoration. The entire procedure is completed in a single session and may take about an hour.

What can patients expect after the procedure?

Each patient is different. Some may experience slight swelling and pain for a few days after the procedure. All patients must meet up with the dental implant specialist at scheduled appointments throughout the treatment process.

In conclusion

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