How a Tooth Extraction Can Improve Oral Health

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Tooth extraction as an adult is less enjoyable compared to when you were a kid. But there are multiple reasons why you may have to improve your oral health, such as overcrowding or impacted teeth. With today’s technology, dental extraction is a bit easier in the event that you need one. If a tooth has to be extracted, your dentist will give you a detailed summary of what needs to take place during the extraction and after to ease the pain.

Prevents diseases from spreading to other teeth

Gums can be infected when bacteria get between gums and teeth. The bacteria can start to irritate the gums making them swollen and start to bleed. This early-stage known as gingivitis can be treated by performing a deep cleaning. However, if the gum disease grows, the damage becomes severe.

Gums start to recede while pockets are created in the gum tissue and exposing the structure of the teeth. The exposed area becomes sensitive and thus pain is felt when eating. The jaw becomes infected and teeth may fall out. At this point, the dentist will advise patients to schedule tooth extractions. It will reduce the risk of infection to the other teeth and gum and therefore, improve oral health.

Reduces the pain caused by impacted teeth

Tooth impaction is most common in wisdom teeth but can potentially happen on any teeth if circumstances prevent it from erupting. It is caused when a developing tooth fails to push through bone and gum tissue. In other cases, impacted teeth partially erupt. Unfortunately, this is detrimental to oral health. Patients with impacted teeth have difficulty in biting and chewing food.

The only solution to this problem is tooth extraction. It is done by making a cut in the gum over the tooth. Then the dentist cuts the impacted tooth into three pieces to remove the tooth. Once the tooth is removed the gum is put back with stitches.

Prevents teeth to shift into unusual positions

Sometimes, the jaw is not large enough to accommodate the size of the teeth. As a result, teeth are scrunched up together and become crooked. Also, they shift from their usual positions. Unfortunately, this may severely cause injuries in the long run. Patients with overcrowded teeth also lose their beautiful smile.

Tooth extraction, therefore, becomes the only option. There are two types of extraction to combat overcrowding. These are the simple extraction or the surgical one. The chosen method will depend on the developmental stage of the overcrowded tooth. Once the operation is done, the dentist will recommend aligners to move the other teeth back to their original position.

Tooth extraction can improve your oral health

Oral health prevents bad breath, gum diseases, and decay. Also, it ensures that your teeth remain strong as you grow older. It should be clear now that tooth extraction plays a role in improving oral health in severe circumstances. Your dentist is more than willing to help by advising you on the right course of action after the checkup. If you have not been by to see the dentist in the recent past, take your time to do so today.

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