How Are Invisalign Clear Aligners Made?

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Invisalign® clear aligners come as a set that fits on your teeth snugly. These will move your teeth into alignment slowly. Many patients find that this is a good alternative to metal braces. It can be more comfortable for orthodontics. But you might be wondering how they are made. Keep reading to find out more.

How is each set of aligners created?

A 3D printing process is used to create the aligners. It was introduced in 1999 to the United States. To create a set, the dentist will create a custom treatment plan for the patient. First, the dentist will do a consultation with the patient. This will help the patient to determine if Invisalign is the right option.

Next, the dentist will gather detailed information on the patient, such as a health history. Then X-rays and photographs will be taken to look at the existing alignment issues. A 3D scan of the teeth will be created, and an impression will likely be done as well. With the 3D scan, a computer program can be used to determine how the teeth can shift. The dentist will work with the people at the lab to create the right treatment plan.

A 3D printing process is used to create the whole set of aligners. This will then be sent to the dentist’s office in about three to four weeks. Once the aligners arrive, the patient will receive a notification to set up an appointment. During this appointment, the dentist will give the patient instructions for wearing the aligners.

Care instructions will also be given. The staff will see that the aligner fits correctly and show the right way to remove them. This is important to avoid damaging them. For instance, it is important not to bend the aligners too much.

It is important to wear the aligners for the time that the dentist directs. This will be around two weeks for each of the aligners. With regular checkups, the dentist can see that the teeth are moving correctly. This is a time to check if any extra refinements or adjustments are needed. At the end of the treatment, the patient will need to wear a retainer. This is even more important during the night.

Caring for Invisalign

Invisalign can be a faster option for some patients. For adults, the treatment time might be around 12 months. Results will start to be noticeable in just a few months. It is important to wear the aligner consistently to move the teeth enough. It requires nearly constant pressure to properly move the teeth. The teeth need to be brushed before replacing the aligner after each meal or snack.

Choose Invisalign today

Many people find that Invisalign is a good option for teeth straightening. Knowing more about the process can help you decide if this is the right option. Your dentist can also help you decide on the right option. When you schedule your appointment, you can take advantage of the latest treatments available.

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