How Long Do Same Day Implants Last?

Same Day Implants Auburn, CA

Same day implants are a remarkable feat in implant dentistry, as they allow dentists to achieve dental implant restoration in a day, which used to take months to complete in the past. Also, same day implants have created an opportunity for patients who have been deemed ineligible for dental implants due to low bone density. The question on everyone’s mind is this: Are same day implants as durable and long-lasting as regular dental implants.

What are same day implants?

Same day implants usually involve four implants to support a dental restoration. The implants are positioned in a way that prevents the need for lengthy and uncomfortable bone graft surgery that may require months of multiple appointments and treatments. The dental implant specialist will use 3D imaging to precisely ascertain the volume of the bone available to support the implant post. The imaging technology helps prevent damage to the sinus cavity and nerve canals during the procedure.

How long do same day implants last?

Anyone who has had to replace a crown, bridge or denture will know that not every dental restoration lasts forever. Several factors can contribute to the failure of these restorations. For crowns and bridges, failure may occur if the supporting tooth structure gets compromised due to infection or decay. Dentures often have to be refitted or changed when the jaw changes shape due to bone resorption.

For dental implants, however, the risks do not apply. Implants are not prone to the same failures often recorded with regular crowns, bridges and dentures, which is one of the main reasons that implants are regarded as the best and most reliable dental restoration. This does not mean that dental implants are perfect. According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, dental implants have up to a 98% success rate.

Many dentists often put the lifetime estimate of same day implants at about 25 years. With these implants, patients can save time and money without a negative impact on their smiles. A properly done procedure can last for many years. The expedited way in which the teeth are placed does not compromise their reliability or durability in any way. The reason that it is hard to guarantee a lifetime of use is that there are few long-term studies of dental implants.

That is not all

Nevertheless, certain factors can affect the durability of same day implants. Patients must follow post-procedural guidelines, including dietary limitations within the first few weeks of the procedure. This will ensure that the implants remain in top form over a long period. Certain lifestyle habits, including smoking and heavy alcohol use, can affect the longevity of the implants.

Like natural teeth, patients can enjoy same day implants for a long time by taking care of their oral health. These implants require daily brushing and flossing, as well as regular dental checkups. Infections and diseases such as periodontal disease can also cause the implant to fail prematurely.

Final note

If you would like to undergo same day dental implants to replace your missing teeth, book an appointment with the dental implant specialist for a consultation.

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