Is All-on-4® for Teeth Replacement an Invasive Procedure?





If you are missing some of your teeth, then you might be looking for an option to replace them, so consider All-on-4®. There are many reasons why you might have missing teeth: dental problems, tooth trauma and even genetics all play a role. Fortunately, All-on-4 utilizes minimally invasive dental technology to replace the teeth that are not coming back.

The basics of All-on-4®

Before deciding on the surgery, patients need to understand what All-on-4 is, what dental implants are and how the procedure works.

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants work as artificial tooth roots that will replace those of your missing teeth. It is one dental option that is an effective solution for people who are already missing some teeth and have the potential to lose even more of their remaining natural teeth.

The dentist inserts implants into the patient’s jawbone. The implants are crafted from titanium. This allows the metal to fuse with the bone and stimulate new growth and regeneration.

What is an All-on-4 implant?

This procedure was named after the idea of a patient only needing to have four implants implanted. These implants will support a full arch of teeth. People who have most of their lower and upper sets of teeth missing can use these specific implants. It is efficient because a dental implant does not need placing for every missing tooth. These implants are becoming more popular.

Minimally invasive surgery

Due to the fact that a patient will only require four implants to replace the entire lower or upper arch, All-on-4 is considered to be a minimally invasive surgery. An additional advantage of these specific types of implants is that a dentist can place them in only one day. This is in direct comparison to other dental implants that will need several visits and follow-ups until the patient is ready for the final step. The final step is receiving the new crown that will act as a natural tooth.

The dental implant procedure will usually have three steps:

  1. It begins with placing the implants into the jawbone
  2. The dentist will then place a connector once the healing process from planting the implant is complete
  3. Finally, a new dental crown that appears natural and functions like a person’s normal teeth will be anchored to the connector

The benefits of All-on-4

One major benefit to dental implants is the fact that they act as a permanent solution that can last a person for a lifetime. All-on-4 implants will continue to help generate new bone and prevent additional bone loss because of the titanium used. The person receiving these implants will usually need no adjustments. This is especially true for those that keep regular dental checkups and practice good oral hygiene. Also, adjacent teeth will not suffer from additional bone loss.

Keep All-on-4 in mind

When you have decided to go through with replacing all your missing teeth, keep this minimally invasive procedure in mind. By utilizing the strategic placement of the implants, you will only require four of them. This makes All-on-4 an option that you do not want to forget.

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