Most Common Emergency Dentistry Procedures and how Coronavirus Affects Those Visits

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Emergency dentistry procedures are impossible to plan for as accidents or injuries are usually unforeseen. Although it can be terrifying to break a tooth or experience a severe toothache, the good news is that most dental offices are open to provide emergency dental care during the coronavirus pandemic. This article covers some common emergency dental treatments and the effect of coronavirus on those appointments.

Most common dental emergency procedures

The following are some of the common procedures performed for emergency dentistry needs.

Root canal therapy

In the case of a toothache, caused either by decay or a fracture, the dentist can treat it immediately with root canal therapy. The procedure involves cleaning out the decayed portion of the tooth, including the nerves and blood vessels present in the roots and inner layer of the tooth. The treatment gets rid of the infection completely and alleviates discomfort, saving the tooth from extraction.

Toothache, caused by tooth abscess can be fatal because the infection can spread quickly through the bloodstream to other parts of the body. The extent of the decay and damage will determine whether or not the tooth can be saved through a root canal. The treated tooth may need a dental crown to restore its strength and appearance.

Tooth extraction

If the tooth is severely damaged or decayed, the dentist’s only alternative may be to remove the tooth. Tooth extractions are common emergency dentistry procedures, although it is usually done as a last resort when a root canal is not possible. Getting a tooth extracted means that a replacement option needs to be provided as soon as possible to stop remaining teeth from shifting.

Dental fillings

Filling a decayed tooth or restoring a damaged tooth filling is another common emergency dentistry procedure. It is advisable to inform the dentist immediately when it happens to know exactly what to do. If losing a filling does not cause pain, the dentist may recommend delaying the appointment until after the coronavirus.

Tooth reattachment

If a tooth gets knocked out, the dentist will try to save the tooth by restoring it to its socket. The earlier the appointment happens, the better the chances of saving the tooth. Before getting to the dentist’s office, carefully handle the tooth by holding it at the top and then storing it in a glass of milk.

How coronavirus affects dental visits

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that people postpone routine dental care visits, which are appointments that are not due to pain or dental issue. Dentists now only attend to dental emergencies, which are potentially life-threatening and need prompt treatment to halt continuous tissue bleeding or relieve severe discomfort and infection.

For the emergency dentistry procedures, the dentists will use personal protective equipment to prevent microbial contamination and infection transmission. Before the dental appointment, the patient will answer questions related to COVID-19. If a case of infection is suspected, proper protocols will be taken to ensure the patient gets adequate care.

In conclusion

When experiencing a dental emergency during the coronavirus lockdown, it is best to contact an emergency dentistry practice immediately. Dentists can perform any necessary emergency dentistry care to restore oral health.

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