Multiple Tooth Replacement Options to Restore Your Smile

Tooth Replacement Auburn, CA

You may have never thought about tooth replacement before — that is until you actually needed treatment. Losing a permanent tooth can pose several problems, including oral health and mental health issues. Living without teeth makes it difficult to eat and can invite infection. It is also an embarrassing situation that can cause low self-esteem or depression. Luckily, there are various ways that the dentist can recommend replacing these missing teeth.

How oral health relates to tooth loss

Teeth are stronger than bones, but they can still break or get knocked out. Accidents and other mishaps can dislodge or pull out a tooth. Still, practicing good oral hygiene can significantly reduce a person’s risk of losing a tooth. Poor brushing and flossing habits will increase the chances of developing tooth decay, infections, and gum disease. Each of these can contribute to tooth loss.

When decay spreads throughout a tooth, it can destroy the enamel. The teeth can become brittle and break or fall out. With gum disease, the tissue can pull away from the teeth, causing the teeth to become loose. This can also lead to bone loss, which can change the shape of the person’s face and affect speech.

Dental implants

For a single or multiple tooth replacement, implants are a good choice. Dental implants require at least two surgeries and a long recovery. However, the results are effective and long-lasting. Implants are made of titanium. Their strength and durability allow the patient to eat most foods and have a strong bite force. Implants have a natural-looking crown that acts as the replacement tooth.


Dentists have used dentures for many years to replace teeth. Dentures are a gum-colored acrylic base with artificial teeth. The teeth are made of ceramic or porcelain and look like natural teeth. A benefit of this tooth replacement method is that dentures are removable. This helps with the cleaning and maintenance. The appliance also rests on the gums and has a tendency to slip out of place.

Implant-supported dentures

This tooth replacement treatment combines the benefits of dentures and implants. The dentist will place two or three implants in the top and bottom jaw. The dentures clasp into place over the implants. This is a permanent method and keeps the dentures from moving. This type will not rub against the gums and cause sores like traditional dentures can.

Dental bridge

A dental bridge is useful for replacing a missing tooth when the teeth on either side of the gap are healthy. The dentist will place a crown over the natural teeth and an artificial tooth, called a pontic, in the space. A metal framework connects them. A bridge can last up to 10 years or more. The patient should make sure to continue to brush and floss to keep the bridge clean.

Choose the right tooth replacement therapy

You no longer have to live without teeth. A missing tooth can cause many problems, but there are solutions. If you speak with your dentist today, you can determine which treatment makes the most sense. You will then restore your smile and have the full function of your mouth again.

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