Timeline for Single Tooth Implant Procedure

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The timeline of a single tooth implant procedure depends on the state of the patient’s smile and the complexity of the situation. The process could last several months, so you are advised to set realistic expectations and stay committed to the treatment plan designed by the dentist.

The treatment timeline for a single tooth implant procedure

Implant restoration typically starts with a dental consultation and preparatory measures. Implant surgery is followed by a recovery period of about six months before the final implant crown, denture or bridge is placed. People who want a faster option can opt for same-day implants, which could be an excellent choice for qualifying patients.

Initial consultation

During the consultation, the dentist will perform a detailed evaluation to learn about the patient's oral health. If there are existing oral health conditions, such as gum disease, they will need to be treated first to ensure the success of the implant restoration. Initial preparatory measures may include the following.

Medical history evaluation: The dentist will review the patient’s general wellbeing and list of current medications. Conditions such as diabetes may affect the bone’s ability to heal correctly.

Imaging: X-rays or CT scans can reveal the density and quality of the jawbone, as well as the state of the present teeth. If the patient does not have enough jawbone, the dentist may recommend bone graft surgery to augment the quantity of the bone.

The above preparatory measures are required to ascertain the patient’s eligibility for dental implants. It will also help the dentist develop a concise treatment plan and timeline. If the patient needs bone graft surgery or sinus lift, the doctor will set a schedule for that; otherwise, the next appointment will be for the dental implant surgery.

Preparation for surgery

After the consultation, the dentist will perform the preparatory surgeries to make the patient eligible for dental implants. The duration of each procedure depends on the patient, but they usually last for about two hours. After the bone graft surgery or sinus lift, the patient will wait for six months to allow the jawbone to heal before undergoing implant surgery.

Implant placement

After the jawbone heals, the dentist will place the implant. The duration of the surgery depends on how many implants will be placed, but it will usually take between one to four hours. The use of a surgical guide for the process can significantly reduce treatment time.

After the implant surgery, it will take up to two weeks for the gum to heal. Throughout the next six months, the implants will integrate with the jawbone. During this time, the patient may have multiple dental checkups to monitor their progress and ascertain when the implants will be ready for the permanent implant restoration.

Placing the restoration

First, the dentist will place the abutment that will anchor the dental crown to the implants. After fixing the abutment, the dentist will take impressions of the teeth to fabricate the custom dental crown. A dental lab will use the impression to create the implant crown, and that may take about two weeks.

Final note

A single tooth implant procedure is a straightforward procedure aimed at restoring a missing tooth. Before commencing the procedure, the dental implant specialist will make necessary evaluations to accurately determine the treatment timeline, up to the placement of the dental crown.

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