What Happens After Completing Clear Aligners Treatment?

Many people think they do not have to visit the dentist anymore after completing clear aligners treatment. This is far from the truth. You might need to visit your dentist more often than you did while you were on treatment. There is a huge possibility of having your teeth return to their previous alignment. Here is what happens next after completing clear aligners treatment.

Done with clear aligners, what next?

The truth is that there is a little more work to do after completing aligners treatment. The first phase is the active phase of treatment. This phase involves shifting teeth to the ideal positions using clear aligners. During this phase, the dentist gives an outline of the treatment and advises on the frequency of wearing aligners. The retention phase is what follows next, which ensures that the results achieved in the first phase last a lifetime. But before that, the dentist may advise a patient to consider whitening.

Whitening process before the retention phase

Many people consider whitening after the first phase because some teeth become lighter in color than the rest. Sugary food or drinks cause stains on the teeth. Certain drinks end up dyeing teeth enamel leaving uneven shades. The dentist places teeth-whitening materials on the teeth of the patient and sets them with ultraviolet light. A 60 minutes’ cure is what follows next until the teeth reach the desired white shade.

The retention phase

It is a very exciting moment when the dentist takes off those aligners from a patient’s teeth. But, this is just the beginning of another phase, the retention phase. During this phase, retainers, custom-fit metallic or plastic devices, ensure that teeth stay in their new positions. Also, retainers provide the right spacing required in the jaw to accommodate the growth of wisdom teeth. Lastly, they help in forming sounds correctly if there is difficulty in saying certain words. The tongue cage guides the mouth with the correct pronunciation.

Tips for cleaning retainers

Retainers are placed against teeth. As such, they collect the buildup of bacteria. If placed back against the teeth without adequate cleaning, all of this is applied directly to the teeth and gums. To avoid this, the dentist advises patients to clean retainers by gently brushing them every time the patient removes them from the mouth. Patients should do this immediately because the retainer is still wet making it easier to clean off debris before it hardens. Then, use a cotton swab to get into the deepest ridges of the retainers.

Keep your teeth in their new position

The main goal of clear aligners is to help you get a beautiful smile. This is why it is important that you go through both the active treatment and retention phases. It should be clear now why you need to go through these phases. If you are unsure about whitening your teeth, consult with your dentist about it. Your dentist will advise on how to properly care for your teeth after completing aligners treatment.

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