What Materials Are Used in Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are a type of dental prosthetics, often known as fake teeth, recommended for patients who have lost one or more teeth. Different techniques and materials are used to secure these dentures in place. They can help you talk more clearly and chew your food more easily, as well as restore your smile.

Teeth are crucial for maintaining the contour of your face, so if they fall out, you may see drooping of the facial skin. Dentures provide your jaw the height it needs to return to its natural state. Dentures are sometimes pictured as a set of teeth soaking in a glass of water on a nightstand by those who are unfamiliar with them.

This is not always the case. Dental bridges and other methods can be used to secure dentures in your mouth. This article covers a few alternative materials from which to pick if you want to reclaim your natural smile.

Materials used for partial dentures

The following are some of the materials commonly used for fabricating partial dentures:

Acrylic resin

According to the National Institute of Health, acrylic resin or plastic has become the most popular denture material. It nicely fits into the required area of the mouth. It is also the simplest to work with and the most pleasant for the patient.

The material is less expensive than porcelain, which is why many people choose it. The negative aspect is that acrylic dentures tend to wear out quickly, and the shape of the teeth may even change gradually when biting or chewing.

Unless the acrylic dentures are made of highly durable material, they will need to be replaced within five years. The longevity of these dentures is heavily reliant on maintenance. They can last considerably longer if properly cared for. However, failure to clean them correctly and regularly might increase the risk of developing a gum infection. Furthermore, they are significantly bulkier and more prone to breaking.

Porcelain material

Porcelain is a popular choice due to its strength and durability, although it is more expensive. The ceramic material is transparent and mimics glass, giving it a natural look. Porcelain teeth undergo a procedure that necessitates a great deal of heat. The partial dentures are sturdy and long-lasting as a result of this procedure. Many individuals choose porcelain for complete dentures over partial dentures because partial dentures might wear down the natural teeth adjacent to them.

Partial metal dentures

Partial dentures with a metal foundation are often smaller than dentures made of plastic or acrylic. Due to their reduced size, they are more adaptive and appealing to patients. High-quality resin or composite teeth are utilized to match the color of the dentures with the teeth.

They are more expensive and labor-intensive than other dentures and can cost 20 percent to 75 percent more than acrylic dentures because they require more time and skill to produce. However, their modest profile gives them a wonderful and natural look.

In conclusion

If you are missing a tooth or teeth and are considering options for tooth replacement, you should book an appointment with the dentist for a consultation. That way, you can learn more about partial dentures and ask necessary questions.

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