What Options Are Available From an Implant Specialist for Tooth Restoration?

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A dental implant is inserted into the jawbone by an implant specialist to restore lost teeth. The implant supports a single implant crown, bridge or denture. With dental implant restorations, patients can now get functionality and appearance comparable to that of natural teeth. If you are missing one or more teeth, you will discover restoration options provided by an implant specialist in this article.

Implant restoration options

The dentist will plan the procedure, right from the implant surgery to the fabrication of crowns, bridge or dentures to ensure that the final restoration is durable and appealing and fits seamlessly with the rest of the teeth.

Single tooth restoration

Dental implant crown: A single dental implant will be used to replace one missing tooth if the nearby teeth are healthy. The dental implant crown is fabricated from high-quality porcelain and custom-made in a dental laboratory. The crown is designed to fit with the adjacent teeth and has the same function and feel as a natural tooth. The patient will be able to brush and floss normally.

Replacing multiple teeth

Implant-supported bridge: If several teeth are lost in a row, the dentist can restore the teeth by using a bridge supported by two or three dental implants. Implant-supported bridges are stable and fully functional.

Multiple single implants: Patients can also choose to have a dental implant for every tooth lost on the row. It looks more natural than an implant-supported bridge and allows patients to floss between teeth.

Implant-supported dentures: Replacing all the teeth

This is typically required when all the teeth on a dental arch are lost. The implant specialist will use an implant-supported denture to replace the full arch set of teeth. The crowns on the denture are crafted from strong and durable porcelain. Depending on the patient’s budget and preferences, other options, such as acrylic supported by a metal framework, may be used. They can also make the denture with an artificial gumline to make up for any depressions or irregularities on the gumline (caused by bone loss or gum recession) and to enhance the patient’s smile.

The new dental restoration will be attached permanently to the implant and can only be removed by a dentist. It can solve virtually all problems associated with traditional dentures and allow patients to enjoy their favorite meals and smile confidently. The implant specialist will plan the entire procedure so the patient can get required tooth extractions, undergo implant surgery and walk out of the dental office with new temporary teeth on the same day. The patient can be ready to get the final, permanent set of teeth after the implants fully integrate with the jawbone.

A removable implant-supported denture is another option available from an implant specialist. Multiple implants will hold the denture in place. A special attachment mechanism will be placed under the denture and over the implant to allow the denture to snap onto the implants seamlessly. The patient will be able to remove the denture whenever they want, typically for cleaning. The denture will not slip out nor require denture adhesives to stay in place.

In conclusion

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