What to Expect During a Same Day Implant Procedure

The same day implant procedure is one of the latest in dental implant technology. The technique streamlines the entire procedure and allows patients to get a new set of teeth soon after the implant surgery. If you have opted to get dental implants, this article will provide information on what you should expect.

The same day implant procedure

The procedure involves the strategic placement of four to six implants on the dental arch, at points where the bone has the highest volume or density. This is to ensure that the restoration has the strongest support and removes the need for a bone grafting procedure for patients who have experienced severe bone loss and were previously not eligible for implants. Here is what to expect during the procedure:

Initial consultation and diagnostics

Same day implant placement demands careful planning and execution. The dentist will use advanced technology and techniques to make the process efficient, concise and less invasive.

The dentist will use digital X-rays and a 3D scanner to get a 3D, all-around digital view of the teeth, jaw and the entire oral cavity. These images will help the dentist determine where the bone density and volume are high enough to hold the implants. With 3D implant software, the dentist will able to accurately map out the position, angle and depth of placement of each implant.

During the consultation, the dentist will carefully explain the process and answer the patient’s questions so they know what to expect throughout the treatment.

During the surgery

To ensure total precision, the dentist will use a computer-generated surgical guide placed over the jawbone to help with the insertion of dental implants. The guide indicates the location and angle at which every implant should be placed. Using the surgical guide eliminates the need for needless cutting or suturing to make the procedure less invasive with minimal post-operative discomfort.

The detailed planning is essential because the dentist must avoid important structures such as the nerves in the jaw while ensuring the dental implants are correctly placed to support the new teeth.

Attaching the new restoration

After completing implantation, a new set of dentures, crowns or bridges can be placed on the teeth immediately. The new prosthetic teeth are made from high-quality, custom acrylic. Although the patient has a new set of temporary teeth, it is still vital to allow the same day dental implants to heal and fuse with the jawbone. After the healing is complete, the patient will have a fully functional set of teeth.

The dentist will work with the dental lab technician to ensure that the artificial teeth fit perfectly and look aesthetically pleasing. The dental lab will use properly processed acrylic to ensure the final restoration is sturdy and lasts long.

Final note

The final set of teeth after undergoing a same day implant procedure will look, function and feel like your natural teeth. Unlike other dental restorations, dental implants provide more stability and allow you to enjoy your favorite foods once again. If you would like to learn more about the procedure, book an appointment with the dentist for a consultation.

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