What to Expect When Seeing a Sleep Dentist





If you are not sleeping well, a sleep dentist may be able to provide some relief. You should not have to endure long, sleepless nights, and your partner should not have to toss and turn either. A dentist specializing in helping with sleep disorders can prescribe effective treatments if snoring or sleep apnea is interrupting your precious shut-eye time. Before you schedule an appointment with your dentist, find out what will happen during your visits and interventions.

Why go?

A good night’s rest is important for people of all ages and walks of life. People who do not get seven or eight hours of sleep can develop serious health conditions now and later in life. No one should put off visiting a sleep dentist to address how snoring or sleep apnea is keeping them up during the night. A dentist can help with treatments to put an end to these problems. Sleep dentists are trained and experienced in helping patients whose oral challenges are ruining sleeping schedules.

Initial visit

A first visit to the sleep dentist is similar to an initial appointment with a general dentist. The dentist will begin by evaluating the patient’s overall health and will have the person fill out a questionnaire. The dentist will take X-rays or the mouth and will thoroughly examine the teeth, gums, tongue and jaw. Next, the dentist and patient will discuss any concerning conditions and the treatments that might help. The staff will schedule a subsequent visit to fit the patient with a mouth appliance to help with the snoring or sleep apnea issues.

Appliance time

The dentist will send the molds and impressions to a lab to make the mouthguard or similar mouth appliance for the patient. The apparatus will help open the wearer’s airway or even hold the tongue in place to keep it from obstructing air from moving in and out of the mouth. Once the dentist has the appliance, the patient will return to ensure that it fits properly. The dentist may need to make several adjustments before feeling comfortable.

Follow-up appointments to the sleep dentist

The patient will wear the mouthguard every night. The dentist will schedule follow-up visits. The frequency will depend on how well the apparatus is working and whether the patient has concerns about it. At subsequent appointments, the dentist may have to tweak the settings. This is a prime opportunity for the dentist and patient to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment.

Do not put it off

Do not procrastinate seeing the dentist about your snoring or sleep apnea problems. If you do, you risk developing other health concerns. Speak up and schedule an appointment with your dentist today. The visits are pain-free and could be beneficial in giving you the sleep you need. Imagine how well you will feel after taking care of your nighttime breathing issues. You will finally be getting the sleep you need night after night.

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