What to Know Before Getting Dental Veneers

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Dental veneers continue to be a common choice for cosmetic dental treatment. People of all ages can get a new smile thanks to these porcelain shells. Of course, veneers may not be the right choice for all patients in all situations. If you are not happy with how your teeth look, talk to your dentist about whether you are a good candidate for this option. The more you know about veneers, the more comfortable you will feel with your choice.

Other solutions to damaged teeth

Accidents, wear and tear and poor oral hygiene can affect a person’s smile. A hard blow to the face can chip, crack or break teeth. A lack of brushing and flossing can weaken teeth, making them prone to damage. Not going to the dentist for regular cleanings every six months can also cause teeth to stain.

Many patients choose crowns to cover injuries and damage. For severe problems, the dentist may have to remove these teeth and replace them with implants or dentures. Teeth-whitening processes are good options to fix discolored teeth. Also, instead of getting dental veneers to repair misaligned teeth, many people get braces or clear aligners.

Dental veneers are virtually unnoticeable

Long gone are the days when gold or silver crowns were the only choices someone had to cover damaged teeth. A big advantage to getting veneers is that they are natural-looking. The dentist will make impressions of the teeth to ensure that a technician makes the veneers to match the size and shape of the natural tooth. Also, the patient can choose the right color shade so the veneer will not stand out.

Veneers can last for years

Veneers are made of porcelain, so they are strong and durable. With proper care, a patient can expect a dental veneer to do its job well for a minimum of seven years. Many patients have theirs for up to 15 years. People with veneers should continue to brush and floss each day. Using a mouthwash can also preserve them.

Veneers are not indestructible

Teeth are made of the hardest substance in the body. Still, hard enough a force can break a tooth. It should not surprise anyone to know that dental veneers can suffer damage as well. Patients should be cautious about eating hard foods such as candy, ice and popcorn. Chewy foods such as bagels and steak can also pull veneers from teeth. People with veneers should also avoid chewing on objects and opening things with their mouth.

A viable way to regain your smile

It can be difficult living with blemishes on your teeth. These can affect your smile and make you not even want to smile. The good news is that there is an effective way to restore your appearance. With dental veneers, you can cover those unwanted flaws without anyone even knowing about it. If you are interested in this treatment, visit your dentist today. Call and make an appointment so you can get started.

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