When Is Dental Sedation Needed?





Many dentists recommend dental sedation to patients who may have anxiety centered around a dental procedure or for a procedure that potentially causes discomfort.

Of course, there are certain procedures that require sedation, such as oral surgery. However, there other times where it might also be helpful for the patient.

When to consider dental sedation

The most obvious time dental sedation is required is during oral surgery, such as dental implant placement and root canal therapy. It is helpful to understand other practical uses for dental sedation.

The following is a complete overview of when to consider it before your treatment procedure.

Dental phobia

Dental sedation allows many patients with dental phobia to get the dental care they need, which they might otherwise avoid and put off out of fear. Dental phobia is a term that simply means the patient has a fear of visiting the dentist. There are many different causes of dental phobia, ranging from a fear of pain to the fear of drills and other dental devices to a claustrophobic feeling during the procedure.

Dental sedation is often recommended for individuals who experience these concerns. Mild sedatives such as laughing gas are often used even for the most minor procedures.

Painful procedures

As mentioned, the most obvious time for dental sedation is oral surgery. This is primarily due to the pain associated with incisions and other common techniques involved with surgery.

However, there are certainly non-surgical procedures that cause discomfort. A sedative might be used for dental fillings, deep cleanings and other common procedures, especially if the patient has a lower pain or tooth sensitivity tolerance.

Anxiety concerns

Dental phobia is often similar to anxiety, but it tends to focus more on a specific concern. General anxiety, however, is just as crippling and leads many to avoid treatment as well. Many individuals who are diagnosed with social anxiety, or another form of anxiety disorder, find it calming to know they will be under dental sedation during the procedure.

Regardless of how minor the procedure is, dentists are often accommodating to the needs of patients with anxiety. They will offer patients a form of sedation to help them feel more at ease and comfortable coming into their dentist appointment.

The patient’s request

There are many reasons for dental sedation, and each patient is unique and has his or her own concerns. Many patients may choose to deal with the concerns without sedation. However, sedation is often available to anyone who feels they are not comfortable with a certain procedure without it.

Patients who feel they can benefit from dental sedation should discuss the available options with their dentist.

Talk to a dentist about dental sedation

Dental fear or phobia does not have to hold you back from getting the dental care you need. Dental sedation can help you feel more at ease during the procedure.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of dental sedation, then get in touch with our office today and schedule a time to come in to discuss your dental care needs.

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