When to See an Emergency Dentist for Severe Oral Pain

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A nagging oral pain could mean it is time to visit an emergency dentist. Depending on the symptoms and severity, relief for oral pain is sometimes more than a DIY affair. When it comes to your dentition, you should always take oral pain seriously. This article talks about some of the symptoms of oral ache that may warrant a visit to the emergency dentist.

Symptoms of oral pain

Patients experiencing the symptoms below need to visit the emergency dentist. Delaying a dental appointment can sometimes lead to complications. Besides, the need to get pain relief is perhaps the primary driving force.

Sharp pain

Pain is often the first indication that something is wrong with the tooth. Sharp pain or severe pain could mean a tooth problem. One common problem is a cavity; the pain seems to worsen when biting down. The acute pain could also mean an abscessed tooth, which is a painful infection. An abscessed tooth requires urgent dental attention and may need to be removed.


Teeth typically become yellow or discolored over time from consuming foods like tea, wine and coffee. A teeth whitening treatment can quickly resolve that. However, if the tooth’s color changes from yellow to dark brown or gray, something else may be wrong. A darker color means that the pulp in the tooth is dead, and this is the first sign of an infection. The tooth needs to be treated immediately, especially if pus starts to come out of the infection.


The oral pain may also cause increased sensitivity in the teeth, especially when eating cold, hot, sugary or acidic foods or drinks. The causes include teeth grinding or clenching at night (known as bruxism), tooth cavities or an abscessed tooth, all of which are reasons to visit the emergency dentist for treatment. The dentist will be able to recommend appropriate treatment after a diagnosis.


Aside from a tooth infection, there may be swelling around the neck and jawline. As infection spreads, the symptoms may show in the glands around these areas. If swollen glands accompany the pain, it could be an abscessed tooth, and patients need to seek urgent care; they may be at the risk of infection spreading to the vital organs of the body.

Loose teeth

If the oral pain makes the tooth feel loose, it could mean gum disease. If the teeth can wiggle in their socket or have loosened from the gum, patients need to visit an emergency dentist, as the gum disease may have reached its advanced stages. Loose teeth mean that the bone tissues have weakened considerably, and this issue may be accompanied by gum bleeding. There are different treatment options for periodontal disease, but the effectiveness depends on the severity of the condition. The earlier treatment commences, the better the chances of saving the tooth.

In conclusion

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above along with severe oral pain, you need to take a trip to the emergency dentist as soon as possible. Delaying treatment will only make the condition worse.

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