When to Talk to Your Dentist About Sleep Dentistry

One of the goals of sleep dentistry is to relieve your nervousness about an upcoming dental procedure. Seeking the professional opinion of your dentist will give you more information about sleep dentistry. Knowing more can help prepare you for your much-needed procedure. If you want to know when to talk to your dentist about sleep dentistry, here are the details.

If the patient wants to avoid emotional triggers

Some patients want to talk about sleep dentistry because dental clinics induce many unpleasant memories and emotions. A patient can talk to the dentist about this aspect of the procedure if the patient needs it badly. The sights, sounds, and smells of the dental clinic can prevent an anxious patient from getting dental care. This can cause havoc to the patient’s health and the procedure.

Fear suddenly creeps in when the drill turns on. The patient can achieve calmness and relaxation with sleep dentistry. The patient’s fight or flight response will not activate with the help of the right type of sedation. This results in the absence of additional trauma for the patient.

If the patient wants to control severe anxiety

Anxiety comes in waves for some people once they are in the dental clinic. It is different for those with severe anxiety. These patients want their attacks to go away. Fear of the dentist can be crippling and overwhelming for these patients. The patient must talk to the dentist about sleep dentistry if anxiety is too much. This can help make the dental procedure successful.

If the patient is having several dental procedures

A patient who has extensive dental problems needs multiple dental appointments to complete the repairs. The thought of sitting in a dental chair for hours during each dental appointment can be alarming and stressful to the patient. This is when the patient must talk to the dentist about sleep dentistry. Sleep dentistry can help reduce or even stop the patient’s distress and fatigue, especially during long hours of treatment. It can help the patient go through the long procedures during each dental visit.

If the patient has a low tolerance to pain

A patient’s main concern about dental procedures is the level of pain. The patient should talk to the dentist about sleep dentistry to control pain. Dental implant procedures, root canal procedures, and tooth extractions need sleep dentistry to become successful. The patient should request sedation before the procedure. The dentist must recommend a heavier type of sedation if a local anesthetic is not enough.

If the patient does not want to remember the procedure

Anxiety can still persist after the dental procedure. The patient can set up a meeting with the dentist to talk about the inducement of amnesia during the treatment. This will help the patient calm down and relax during recovery. The absence of memories about the procedure can even encourage the patient to perform after-care practices the right way.

Sleep dentistry will help you relax and overcome your concerns during your dental procedure

Talking to your dentist about your concerns must happen before your dental treatment. This will give your dentist a chance to understand your situation. Your dentist can then come up with a form of sedation that will help you most. An appointment with your dentist will be an opportunity for you to state your need for sleep dentistry.

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