Why All-on-4® Dentures May Be the Better Choice for You

The All-on-4® system provides people who have lost most of their teeth with a more convenient alternative to dentures. It involves combining two of the most popular dental restorations — implants and dentures —to craft a new smile. All-on-4® is typically recommended for people who have lost most of their teeth.

Implants are the most complete way to replace missing teeth since they also prevent the bone tissue loss that takes place when teeth fall out. Implants replace missing teeth roots, so bone tissues in the jaw continue to get the stimulation they need. However, the cost of a single implant is often more than it costs to get a complete denture set. Replacing a full set of teeth can be too expensive for most budgets.

Dentures provide a more economical solution since they are the most affordable way to replace missing teeth. They do have some drawbacks of their own, like the oral prosthetic constantly shifting in the mouth, the fact they don’t stimulate bone tissues in the jaw, and the cleaning requirements that come with them.

All-on-4® provides a solution that combines implants with dentures to provide patients with an affordable way to replace their missing teeth that helps to keep their jaw healthy and allows them to avoid the drawbacks associated with dentures.

What to expect when getting All-on-4®

Installing All-on-4 dentures in a patient’s mouth requires minor oral surgery. The procedure involves inserting up to four implants into each dental arch. These implants serve as bases for the special type of dentures that are attached to them.

The dentist will go over the patient’s medical and dental history before clearing them for the procedure to ensure they do not have health issues that can hinder their recovery, like diabetes. Patients with such issues will be evaluated individually to determine if All-on-4 is right for them.

The thickness of the patient’s jawbone will also be evaluated to determine whether it is enough to hold implants in place. Bone grafts might be recommended if the patient lacks the jawbone thickness needed for implants.

During the surgical installation of the implants, the dentist will administer a local anesthetic. The best locations to place implants on the jaw are selected, and holes are drilled into them. The implants are then placed into these holes. The bone tissues around them keep them in place, just like a nail is held in place by the wood around it. Temporary dentures are attached to the implants to complete the first phase of the treatment.

The implants will fuse with the patient’s jaw over the next six months. Afterward, the temporary dentures are removed and replaced with permanent ones to complete the process.

Ready to replace your missing teeth?

All-on-4 gives you a smile you can be proud of and restores the function of your lost teeth. Call or visit our Auburn dental clinic to learn more about these oral prosthetics.

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