Why Does My Child Have Bad Breath?

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is a condition that even healthy children and adults experience. It is usually a source of worry and embarrassment. Bad breath may be hard to ignore if it is coming from someone you are in close contact with such as your child. If you notice that your child’s breath is not pleasant, you should investigate what is causing it.

Causes of bad breath

Bad breath is a common occurrence that affects many people worldwide. Many children have bad breath especially when they wake up. This often goes away after a child has something to drink and eat and cleans the teeth. However, if a kid is persistently experiencing bad breath, the parent needs to identify the underlying cause in order to treat it. There are numerous causes of halitosis in children. Here are some common ones.

Poor oral hygiene

If children do not brush and floss their teeth regularly, bad breath can result. If plaque is not removed, it can build up easily and produce odor. It can also irritate the gums and cause inflammation between the gums and teeth. The tongue also usually harbors bacteria that produce bad breath and foul odors, so a child should brush the tongue as well.

Dry mouth

When the mouth of a child is producing less saliva than what is normal, dry mouth may occur, which often contributes to bad breath. Saliva production is important because saliva helps to cleanse the mouth. Most children are pretty active and usually, do not remember to stay hydrated. Bad breath in kids that play sports is usually because of a lack of fluids. If a child does not get enough water, the mouth will produce less saliva for getting rid of odor-causing bacteria.

Foreign objects

A child’s bad breath can be caused by something stuck in the nasal passages. This is especially common in toddlers and babies, who often put things where they do not belong. A bean, pea, beads, food and toy accessories put in the nose can cause a child to have bad breath. If a parent suspects that an object lodged in the nasal passage is creating a nasty smell, the parent should contact a dentist. The dentist will check the nasal passages and remove the object.

Swollen tonsils

Bacteria often collects in the pits of swollen tonsils and combined with the sour smell of infection, can cause halitosis. A parent should use a flashlight to check the child’s mouth. Healthy tonsils are supposed to be pink and spot-free. But infected ones are inflamed, red, may have white spots and smell terrible. If the tonsils look red or swollen, the child should be examined by a dentist. The dentist can prescribe an antibiotic that will help take care of the issue.

Take care of your child

When it comes to bad breath in children, most times poor oral hygiene is the primary culprit. Other causes of bad breath include dry mouth, a foreign object in the nose and swollen tonsils. You can help your child avoid bad breath by developing a good oral care routine. Taking your child for regular dental checkups is also important.

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