Why Not All Teeth Whitening Results Are the Same





Looking for information on teeth whitening? Most of us would love to have pearly, white teeth. Our teeth play a huge role when it comes to our physical appearance. It is one of those things that people you interact with immediately notice. You are more likely to be self-conscious and have low self-esteem if your teeth are discolored or covered up with stains.

However, some teeth whitening treatments are more effective than others. It is something you would quickly notice when comparing the results of over-the-counter bleaching solutions and those used by dentists.

Why professional teeth whitening is in a class of its own

The most effective way to have teeth whitened is to have it done by a dentist. These professionals have access to much stronger whitening products than those found at grocery stores. A single teeth-whitening treatment performed by a dentist can lighten the color of a patient's teeth by up to 10 shades.

Professional whitening performed by a dentist also takes up less of the patient's time. A single session typically lasts less than an hour as many dentists use special lights to speed up the bleaching process.

What goes on during professional teeth bleaching

All patients are examined before a dentist starts whitening treatments. Oral problems like decay and gum disease have to be addressed before the dentist proceeds with the treatment. Whitening treatments can lead to short-term tooth sensitivity, and that can lead to discomfort if the patient has underlying dental issues.

Once a patient's dental issues have been fixed, the dentist will proceed with the treatment. A customized mouthguard is typically used for these procedures. It evenly distributes the whitening solution on the patient's teeth, and it prevents it from seeping into the gums. Whitening agents seeping into a person's gums can lead to inflammation and soreness.

The dentist might use ultraviolet light as a catalyst to speed up the process. A typical whitening session performed by a dentist usually lasts less than an hour.

At-home whitening treatments

Those who would rather take care of their whitening needs on their own schedule can purchase at-home whitening kits from their dentist. These are nowhere near as powerful as the solutions used in-office since a professional will not be there to monitor the patient, but they are still an effective solution.

These kits are a lot more effective than over-the-counter alternatives, and they are much safer on teeth as well. Patients can expect to have the pearly, white teeth they desire after a month of using an at-home bleaching kit. Most of these come with a mouthguard that is used to apply the product safely.

The importance of maintenance

The battle is not over when a person has successfully whitened their teeth. They are likely to continue eating and drinking the same things that led to their teeth becoming discolored, so maintenance treatments are needed to maintain their teeth's new color. These treatments should be performed as often as needed.

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