Why Wearing Your Dentures is Important

The American Dental Association cites that millions of Americans wear dentures. When a patient starts wearing dentures, it takes time to get accustomed to the new appliance. In some cases, patients avoid wearing the new prosthesis because of sore spots in the mouth.

Instead of not wearing the dentures, patients should visit the dentist to have adjustments made. Ill-fitment can cause ulcers in the mouth, but simple adjustments can provide relief. New denture wearers should consider these three reasons that wearing this appliance is necessary.

3 reasons to wear dentures regularly

If patients have discomfort when first wearing their dentures, they may get discouraged. It is common to need adjustments, especially when the prosthesis is brand new. After investing in a new smile, patients should try to get used to wearing the dentures instead of putting them aside.

Not only are dentures important for aesthetics, but these prostheses are also essential for long-term oral health. There are many reasons a patient should wear them every day instead of only occasionally.

1. The fit of dentures changes over time

There are two types of false teeth: Complete and partial dentures. Complete dentures are for patients who are edentulous, meaning the patient has no teeth. Partial alternatives replace one or more missing teeth. They have metal or acrylic clasps that attach to the patient's natural teeth.

If a patient is not wearing the appliance every day, it may not fit after a while. This change in fit is more common in partial dentures because natural teeth shift over time. For this reason, dentists encourage patients to always wear their dentures for at least a few hours every day.

2. Wearing dentures preserves the ridge

When a person is missing teeth, the jawbone shrinks over time. This shrinkage can happen in denture wearers, but it is more drastic for those who do not wear false teeth. Dentures help preserve a patient's ridge, which is another term for the jawbone.

If dentures become loose over time, it is because the gums and ridge are shrinking. In this situation, the dentist may have to reline the prosthesis, which involves adding more acrylic to the base. However, if the fit becomes too loose, the patient may need new dentures altogether.

3. Dentures can be misplaced

A practical reason for wearing dentures is so that they are not accidentally misplaced. Patients who do not wear dentures every day are more likely to lose them. No one wants to replace this appliance constantly, so the patient should wear it regularly.

Patients who find their dentures uncomfortable at first can often get relief by having a dentist adjust them. Adjustments may require more than one appointment.


If a patient has difficulty wearing their new dentures, they should consult with a dentist. Patients should feel comfortable wearing a dental prosthesis, although there is often an adjustment period.

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