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As a parent, making sure your child's oral health is in good shape is always at the top of your priority list. However, bringing your child to the dentist can be a stressful experience – especially if they have anxiety or fear associated with dental visits. This is why finding a kid-friendly dentist is so...

You may have been thinking about early orthodontic treatment for your child. Now could be the right opportunity to talk to a family dentist. Childhood is a good time to repair dysfunctions of the mouth. Many parents have questions about when to start their kids in braces or aligners. Learn how to manage your child’s...

A family dentist treats a wide range of oral health problems. They treat one-off problems like cavities and chronic issues like gum disease or bad breath. Halitosis, or bad breath, can turn into a problem that just will not go away. It has a way of causing embarrassment in social situations. More often than not,...

Any family dentist will tell you that one of the necessary life skills all children need to learn is brushing their teeth. Even though you know it is important to brush your teeth, the concept of gum disease or cavities is most probably lost on your child. Most children do not see the big deal...

        As a person gets older, it can put them at a higher risk of many different health issues, including what dental care they need to have a part of their daily lives. One thing that most seniors might not realize is that their dental health can take a toll with age....

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