The Importance of Dental Care for Seniors





As a person gets older, it can put them at a higher risk of many different health issues, including what dental care they need to have a part of their daily lives. One thing that most seniors might not realize is that their dental health can take a toll with age. However, with the proper care and maintenance, they can continue to have excellent oral health as they age too!

In this article, we are going to cover some of the signs that a person should look for as they age. With the right at-home daily oral hygiene routine and continuing to visit the dentist two times per year, they can keep their natural teeth in the best condition possible.

Oral health factors as we age

Teeth become darker

Over time, a person’s teeth can become darker, especially in older age. Because of the many years of consuming staining foods, and as the enamel wears down, the teeth can appear to be darker.

When a person’s tooth enamel begins wearing down, the teeth can appear darker because the dentin below the enamel is a darker yellowish color.

Dry mouth

One thing that can catch seniors off guard is the dry mouth that they may get as a side effect from many different medications that are often prescribed by medical doctors for their overall health.

Because of the reduced amount of saliva being produced, this can cause some adverse effects to seniors oral health. When there is less saliva, there is a higher risk of bacteria building up, cavities and tooth decay. Luckily, there are products that a dentist can recommend to help in alleviating the dry mouth issue and avoid the quick onset of these oral health issues.

Root decay

One of the issues that seniors have to be careful of is root decay. This can occur when the tooth root is exposed to acidic substances, including certain beverages. Due to the gums receding, it can directly impact the tooth root and cause more decay to happen even faster.

One of the best things a person can do is to talk to their dentist about the options to help in the recession of their gums. There are a few different procedures that can help in fixing the issue so that there is no more root decay.

Gum disease

Another issue that can creep up on seniors quickly is gum disease. This can be caused by having plaque build up over time and also any food particles left from not flossing. The issue can be headed off and fixed if a senior is diligent in having their bi-annual visits to the dentist.

Have more questions about dental care as a senior?

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