How a Dentist Recommends Treating a Broken Tooth

A broken tooth can be caused by various things, like tooth decay and trauma to the mouth. The severity of the damage determines how a dentist approaches treating it. Mild damage that mainly affects the enamel is not significant enough to count as a dental emergency, but severe damage that reaches the innermost layer of a tooth’s crown, called the pulp chamber, requires immediate dental care.

Treatments that might be recommended for a broken tooth

Treatments that a dentist might recommend to help fix a broken tooth include the following.

1. Composite bonding

This is one of the least invasive ways to treat a broken tooth. It involves rebuilding the tooth with composites made from plastic and glass mixtures. The treatment does not require making permanent alterations to the patient’s teeth.

During the procedure, the patient’s teeth are roughened with an etching solution, and the composite is applied to it. The material is shaped as needed to restore the tooth’s appearance, and it is hardened with a curing light and polished.

Composite bonding is often recommended for mild to moderate damage to a tooth. The restoration can last up to five years, and additional composite layers can be applied as needed.

2. Crown placement

Crowns are typically recommended for severely broken teeth. It prevents acids and bacteria in the mouth from getting to it. The crown also protects what is left of the tooth from bite forces.

Crowns are long-term solutions for broken teeth, and they can last up to 25 years with good oral hygiene. They are designed to look like real teeth and are color-matched with the rest of the patient’s teeth.

Placing a crown on a tooth requires removing enamel from its sides to create a better fit for the restoration. The process is irreversible, so the tooth will always need a restoration to make up for its lost enamel. It takes about two weeks to fit a broken tooth with a custom crown. After their first appointment, the patient gets a temporary crown to protect their tooth while they wait for their custom restoration.

3. Root canal therapy

Root canal therapy is recommended when the damage to a tooth leaves its pulp chamber open, enabling bacteria to reach the nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues there. The procedure involves drilling a hole into the tooth and extracting the soft tissues in the pulp chamber. These nerves and blood vessels are no longer needed once a tooth has erupted. The tooth can get all the nutrients that it needs from the blood vessels in surrounding teeth. Teeth repaired with root canal therapy are typically covered up with crowns to restore their appearance and protect them from additional damage.

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