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Do you need a temporary crown or an emergency dentist? The introduction of digital dental technology in recent years has marked a new era of patient care and satisfaction. Gone are the days of lengthy procedures and the discomfort of traditional impression materials. Digital dentistry is reshaping the way patients experience treatment, especially those needing...

Are you someone who avoids dentist appointments, even if you know you need them? If your palms sweat and your heart races at the thought of sitting in a dental chair, you are not alone - many people are scared of going to the dentist or experiencing what is referred to as “dental anxiety.” Unfortunately,...

At Pier 210 Dental Group, we know that the words “root canal” often stir up feelings of anxiety and dread. Oftentimes patients expect to need fillings in teeth but don’t expect to need more extensive treatments, and thus become alarmed and fearful when a root canal procedure is needed. At Pier 210 Dental Group, we...

High quality care along with friendly, professional service is what builds trust between patients and their dental team. This is important to remember when Googling, “good dentist near me,” since a search often results in many different options with a myriad of dental offices offering gimmicky discounts just to get people through their doors. At...

It’s becoming more and more common for dentists to take full x-rays of their patients.

Crowns are long-term solutions for broken teeth, and they can last up to 25 years with good oral hygiene.

Thinking that a family dentistry office is a good choice for you? Family dentists and general dentists are two common types of dentists that people are choosing nowadays. The main difference between these two choices is that a family dentist is specifically trained in treating patients of all ages. Aging and oral teeth Wondering if...

        How awesome would it be if you woke up with morning breath that smelled like crisp mountain air? Believe it or not, there are people in this world who wake up with less than offensive breath. Once you understand what causes morning breath, you can take steps to make sure you...

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