Taking Care of Your Teeth as You Age [Family Dentistry]

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Thinking that a family dentistry office is a good choice for you? Family dentists and general dentists are two common types of dentists that people are choosing nowadays. The main difference between these two choices is that a family dentist is specifically trained in treating patients of all ages.

Aging and oral teeth

Wondering if a family dentistry office can provide you with the oral care services you need as an aging adult? The fact that a family dentist is specifically trained in providing oral care services for all ages means that you can expect to receive the type of dental care you need. Your mouth changes as you age, making it essential for you to choose a dentist who knows how to treat an aging mouth.

According to the American Dental Association, as you age, it becomes even more important to take good care of your teeth and dental health.

How to take care of teeth when aging

Since aging tends to bring in new concerns for a dental patient's oral health, such as a higher chance of experiencing tooth decay, tooth loss and gum disease, aging patients need to pay special attention to these concerns if they want to have a healthy mouth. The list below includes information on how to take care of teeth when aging.

Think about using an electric toothbrush

It can be difficult to reach certain places in the mouth in order to properly clean them using a regular toothbrush. Dental patients who are experiencing problems cleaning their teeth using a regular toothbrush should consider using an electric toothbrush instead. Electric toothbrushes tend to be easier to hold and maneuver, allowing for better control when cleaning the teeth.

Be proactive

Aging dental patients should be proactive when it comes to avoiding dry mouth and preventing plaque buildup. Dry mouth is more common in aging adults, which can be naturally due to the lesser amount of saliva production that occurs as one ages or due to taking certain medications. Gum disease can be avoided by performing proper oral care and making regular dental cleaning appointments.

See a dentist more often

There are no rules that a dental patient can only see their dentist every so often. While a dentist will discuss with their patients how often they should be seen, most patients are seen twice a year. Those who are concerned about taking care of their teeth as they age can choose to make dental appointments every three months or so, as this will not only provide them with the dental care they need, but it will also give them peace of mind.

Can we get you scheduled in for an appointment?

Our family dentistry office is one that treats all ages, so we can provide you with any dental care services that you need to ensure a happy and healthy mouth. We understand that every dental patient requires their own special unique needs, so when you choose to use our services, we will create a specialized treatment plan just for you. Ready to get started?

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