Why Full Mouth X-Rays Are Done

Full Mouth X Rays Auburn, CA

If you’re wondering why dentists and other dental professionals order full mouth x-rays, here are some benefits that this routine procedure provides to both patients and dental professionals. A full x-ray can reveal problems that may have otherwise gone unnoticed, which helps dentists give their patients more thorough treatment plans. It also helps catch any issues that you might have with your teeth or jaw before they become major problems, like tooth decay or stress fractures in your jawbone.

What are full mouth x-rays?

Full mouth x-rays are x-ray taken of all your teeth. This type of x-ray can be a useful tool for diagnosing dental problems in children and adult patients who don’t have any pain but would like to keep track of their oral health. It also allows you to see and prevent further damage from issues like gum disease, tooth decay, and bone loss.

Your dentist will take x-rays in two ways: periapically and panoramically. A periapical x-ray shows a detailed view of your teeth, while a panoramic x-ray takes a broader view of your teeth and jawline. Typically, panoramic x-rays are taken by placing the film on your teeth in bite positions for each row. In contrast, periapical images are taken by putting an angled bitewing gauge into each tooth socket.

How are full x-rays done?

The dentist will take a panoramic shot of your entire mouth, which can then be broken down into smaller pictures that give them a close-up view of each tooth. It’s easier for dentists to diagnose oral problems with these shots than with traditional x-rays because they can see problems in all areas of your mouth at once.

To start, you’ll be given a mouth guard to bite down on. The dentist will then take multiple pictures of your teeth and gums from different angles. It doesn’t hurt at all, and in fact, most people don’t even feel it go off. You can talk or relax during it just like normal—the process only takes between 10 to 15 minutes.

Why do I need them?

It’s becoming more and more common for dentists to take full x-rays of their patients. If you’re wondering why your dentist might be ordering these, here are a few reasons why you may need a full x-ray. Teeth that appear normal in radiographs (x-rays) taken only at a certain point will show spaces once an entire set is examined. These spaces can be small or large – they can even create an undetected bridge or open space on one side of your jaw! A full mouth series gives us a complete look at all teeth at once, making it much easier to spot any irregularities from one side of your jaw to another.

These x-rays allow dentists to identify areas of concern in their patients’ mouths, allowing them to make recommendations for any oral health issues that might arise. Knowing what’s happening from one side of your mouth to another is invaluable, especially if you have concerns about your dental health. Full mouth x-rays can also help spot very small teeth problems in patients who are unaware they have a problem.

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