Natural-looking Implant Crowns for Front Teeth





Implant crowns could be ideal for you if you have broken teeth, a severely decayed tooth or if you are missing teeth completely. Your dentist may suggest different options, including veneers, bonding or even dentures. However, if the tooth’s root cannot be salvaged, implants could be the most effective solution. The implant will act as the root, while the crown on top will become a replacement for natural tooth. With this treatment, you can once again feel good about your appearance and smile, especially when the implants can so closely resemble your natural teeth.

What causes the problems?

Teeth do an effective job of biting and chewing, but they are hardly indestructible. Though harder than bones, teeth can break, chip or wear out through decay because of various activities or even neglect. Athletes and avid adventurers are prone to these sorts of teeth problems. Teeth can become damaged or knocked out from striking blows, slips and falls, and even by biting into hard foods or objects. A dentist can handle a small chip by putting in a filling or using composite resin to build up the area. However, for more extensive challenges, implants are the right move.

First appointment

Once the dentist determines trauma or decay has killed the root, an appointment will be made to begin the implanting process. The dentist will begin by examining the patient and will take X-rays and impressions of the mouth and jaw. This is a good opportunity for the patient to discuss medical conditions and health history for the dentist. At this exam, the dentist will extract any affected teeth, if necessary. The dentist will also explain the rest of the process for implant crowns.

Next visit

At a subsequent appointment, the dentist will numb the person with a local anesthetic. Once the patient is ready, the dentist will make an incision in the gums. Next, the dentist will place the screw-like implants deep into the jaw. These implants are made of titanium and provide stability for the crown. Posts will then attach to the implants and the dentist will close up the gums with stitches.

Implant crowns after a healing period

It may take several weeks or even months for the patient’s jaw and gums to heal. During this time, the jawbone will grow around the implants. Once this happens, the dentist will take more impressions, which will go to a lab where a technician can make customized, natural-looking crowns. The crowns will also match the color of the patient’s natural teeth as closely as possible. The dentist will test the crowns for alignment and shape and will then attach them to the posts.

No difference

One of the advantages of getting implants is that the crown appears just like a natural tooth. Plus, the implant helps strengthen the entire tooth and allows you to maintain a regular diet. The crowns and implants are not immune to breaking, however, so you should be cautious. If you are interested in this treatment, call your dentist today.

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