Category: Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges

When a dental practitioner recommends a dental crown, it may not be up to the patient.

Having dental crowns can change the way your mouth looks. Any distortion in the size and shape of your teeth can disappear with the help of caps.

A dental implant restoration procedure is a multi-stage treatment, ending with the placement of a dental crown. It is common practice to place a temporary crown first, pending the fabrication and placement of the permanent crown. This article will help explain why a dental implant specialist would suggest a temporary crown after the implant surgery....

If you have undergone dental implant surgery, dental implant crown placement is the next stage. The crown sits on the implant, and both work together to give a dental restoration that looks, feels and functions like a natural tooth. In this article, you will discover what happens during the placement of a dental implant crown....

Placing a dental implant crown is the final stage of the implant restoration procedure. The dental crown is the part that appears over the gum and is essentially the replacement for a lost tooth. The dental implant functions as the foundation. In this article, you will learn about the process of making a dental implant...

If you opt for an implant restoration, the procedure ends when you get the dental crown. The crown is connected to the abutment on top of the implant to make the final restoration look natural. Dental crowns can be created from different materials, including ceramic, porcelain, silver, gold and metal alloys. While ceramic and porcelain...

        Implant crowns could be ideal for you if you have broken teeth, a severely decayed tooth or if you are missing teeth completely. Your dentist may suggest different options, including veneers, bonding or even dentures. However, if the tooth’s root cannot be salvaged, implants could be the most effective solution. The...

Dental crowns are growing in popularity as the days pass. Dentists all over are using them as a way to restore damaged teeth that have experienced decay or erosion from cavities or improper oral hygiene. Dental crowns provide many great benefits to people that are seeking a way to restore their smile, their dental health,...

When the dentist says a front tooth crown is necessary, most people are unsure how to react.  If you do not know much about front tooth crowns, do not feel bad.  Dentists only recommend front tooth crowns when a patient has decayed, cracked, broken or chipped teeth. Thus, it can help to understand the different...

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