What to Expect at Your Dental Implant Crown Placement

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If you have undergone dental implant surgery, dental implant crown placement is the next stage. The crown sits on the implant, and both work together to give a dental restoration that looks, feels and functions like a natural tooth. In this article, you will discover what happens during the placement of a dental implant crown.

Dental implant crown placement

Dental crowns are fabricated in a dental laboratory. The laboratory technicians will use impressions provided by the dentist to create a dental crown that fits securely on the implant and covers the gap created by the lost tooth. Crown placement is done in a single dental appointment, but a previous visit is required to take the necessary impressions.

Taking off the temporary crown

Usually, before the laboratory completes the fabrication of the permanent crown, the dentist will attach a temporary crown to the dental implant. The temporary crown needs to be removed before placing the permanent crown. The dentist can administer local anesthesia to numb the patient before removing the temporary crown, but this is not always necessary. The dentist will remove the crown and all traces of dental cement from the gum.

Checking the fit of the dental crown

Before locking the crown permanently, the dentist will check if the new crown fits properly. They will place the crown on the tooth without cementing or screwing it. At this stage, the dentist may floss between the existing teeth and new crown and ask the patient to bite down on carbon paper to examine the bite alignment.

If the crown does not fit correctly, the dentist will trim it until they have achieved the desired fit. The dentist will probably ask the patient to check and confirm the bite again to know if they are pleased with the appearance and feel of the new dental crown.

Placing the permanent crown

At this stage, the dentist will seal the implant crown permanently. If the cement technique will be used, they will put dental cement inside the dental crown and place it over the implant. The patient will have to wait a few minutes for the cement to set. Any excess cement will be cleaned out, and the dentist will recheck the bite. If the screw mechanism will be used, the dentist will simply screw the dental crown over the abutment until it is firmly in place. Unlike a cement-retained dental crown, screwed-in crowns are easily removable.

Caring for the new dental crown

After placing the implant crown, the dentist will provide aftercare instructions, depending on the type of attachment mechanism used. Certain types of dental cement take hours to set, so the dentist might discourage using the dental crown for at least a day. The dentist will also advise the patient to check their bite the following day when the cement has hardened fully and the numbness is gone. If the bite feels out of place, the patient needs to contact the dentist.

Final note

Dental implant crown placement is a straightforward procedure, but knowing what to expect can help you be adequately prepared. To learn more about dental implant restorations, book an appointment with a dentist for a consultation.

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